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Makers North: The Spring Show

One of the things I love about being off work? I can attend all those weekend events that happen around the city. Working retail typically means you work all weekend, every weekend. There's always local craft shows I want to check out but I'm at work.

Not anymore!

A couple of Saturdays ago I did errands in the city with Emma. We made our way downtown and hit up the Makers North: The Spring Show late in the afternoon. Going to the event with a stroller made me realize I'd probably be a pain in the butt taking over a lot of space. So I figured going later in the day made the most sense since craft shows die off towards the end. There'd be more space for me!

I wanted to buy from pretty much every vendor. I think if it was closer to Christmas and I had gifts to buy for, I would have walked out with a lot more than I did. There were amazing smelling soy candles, personalized wine glasses and wool socks, adorable prints for the wall, handmade jewelry, and baby clothes.

The i…

Hello June

It's hard to believe it's June already. I'm not too sure where the time has gone, but here we are.

May was a great month. We went to Hamilton for the first time since Emma was born. It was a successful visit and the 5 hour drive there and back went well. Emma slept for most of the drive and we had interesting adventures at rest stops changing diapers and feeding her. We also had my mom up for a longer than normal visit which was nice. There was no rushing. Just hanging out and enjoying ourselves.

The summer heat showed up this month. My walks around the neighbourhood with Emma were now sunny and hot walks. I officially have tank top tan lines. We also went to Bell Park a couple of times. The most recent time was somewhat of a picnic with friends. Too bad their were a gazillion (I'm not kidding) tent caterpillars at the park trying to join us. It was a little annoying.

We ended May with Paramedic Week here in the city. We attended the proclamation last Monday to star…