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Postpartum Self Care

I wrote this post about a month ago. I needed to express my frustrations and typing them out helped. After re-reading what I wrote, I still feel so many of these things. They've lessened a bit as we get into a bit more of a routine, or as I get more comfortable in my new role. Plus, we've been heading outside more to soak in sunshine and it has helped so much. I know everyone's experience with having a baby is different, but this is my experience. 

No matter how many things I read, how many stories I heard from people, or listened to the advice from my doctors, I wasn't prepared for the postpartum part of my journey.

The pain and restrictions from having a c-section was horrible. The swelling was even more ridiculous than what I experienced in third trimester and breastfeeding was incredibly frustrating. It took about two weeks for the insane swelling to go down, three weeks to sleep in my own bed again, and about five weeks for the pain in my lower abdomen to disappea…

Sunshine Wish List

Spring has finally shown up. The days are warm and the sun is shining. I've been going for multiple walks each week with Emma. Having a routine for my walks has been key to going out more. I load up the stroller with Emma, a water bottle, and my cell phone. Then we head out to walk around the neighbourhood. We have a certain route we take and we always hit up the mailbox half way through our walk. It's been great to soak in the sunshine and feel the fresh air on my skin. After a long winter being very pregnant, and then 6 weeks of being stuck in the house during my c-section recovery, these walks are very therapeutic. I need to move and feel warm, fresh air. It's a bright spot in my day.

I'm excited for summer. I have so many plans for us... hangouts in the yard, walks, picnics at the park, afternoons at the beach. I'm excited for these family days and moments with Emma.

There's a few things I'd love to pick up to get ready for summer.

Clockwise from top ri…


I wanted to be a mom for a very long time. Luckily, being in Canada, I have a year off to stay home with my baby. No one really knows what to expect when their baby shows up. Plus every baby is different, including their personalities and habits. I've lucked out with a good baby; she sleeps well, she's not too fussy and we haven't experienced colic. However, she still prefers our arms than a bouncer or swing. But we both get decent sleep (her more than me. I'm functioning though. Most days. With multiple cups of coffee).

I figured after we got into a routine I'd be back to sewing and baking. In my head I was so going to nail this staying at home with the baby. I also had plans to meal prep, scrub the house from top to bottom weekly, start working out... this is so not the case.

Quickly you realize how much you need to and want to entertain your baby and show her the world around her. I've taken to making animal noises, singing to her, and pointing out colours a…

Star Wars Day: Bantha Milkshakes

This past Friday was May the 4th, which is Star Wars Day!

I try to make a Star Wars-themed treat each year to celebrate. In the past I made Princess Leia Cinnamon Buns and Chewbacca cupcakes. It's fun brainstorming ideas with Adam and then executing the plan. This year I didn't have as much time since Emma is no longer napping like she used to. I don't get many big blocks of free time to bake right now.

So the final idea was Bantha Milkshakes! And let me just say they were so good! Adam is lactose intolerant so I made these with lactose-free vanilla ice cream and coconut milk. The coconut milk enhanced the flavour and made these even better in my opinion. Other than that, I just used blue food colouring and some Cool Whip to top them off. Super easy!

These would be perfect to make for a Star Wars marathon or themed party. I'm excited to make more milkshakes with the ingredients I bought (though I may leave out the food colouring).

How did you celebrate Star Wars Day?