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My Life In Photos

The sun is shining, windows are open, Lana Del Rey is playing out of my stereo, iced tea is in hand. I really love this time of year. May has been going by quickly; a little too quickly for my liking. I'm ready to live out in the sunshine and go on adventures.

We have some fun plans for the rest of May and some fun things coming up in June so I'm definitely enjoying life right now!

xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now: Beauty Products

I'm a complete sucker for beauty products. Whether it's pretty eyeshadows, face masks, or a glittery nail polish, I have a hard time turning them down. So when I head to Winners or Marshalls and check out their beauty section I'm in trouble. I've been having great luck finding MAC, Dr. Jart+ face masks, and Philosophy products there recently. This only keeps me coming back to search for more.

These are some of my favourite beauty products I've picked up recently (both from Marshalls and Sephora):

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea

I was on the lookout for a new face moisturizer since the one I was using (from Kiss My Face) was almost gone and it had been discontinued. I wanted something fairly light and natural but still something that would keep me from drying out. I've been using this new moisturizer for a couple of weeks now and so far I love it. It smells absolutely amazing, it doesn't leave a heavy or greasy feeling, and I…

Favourite TV Shows

The 2016/2017 season for TV is over for most shows or they're wrapping up this month or next. Overall I enjoyed pretty much all the shows we stuck with. To be honest though, we didn't add many new shows to our list this year. Either they got cancelled quickly or we gave up on them.

My favourite show for this past season are:

1. Superstore

If you're not watching Superstore, you're definitely missing out. It's a fun comedy that just finished it's second season. I really enjoy the characters and the humour in the show. And if you've worked a retail job at some point in your life, this show will connect with you on an even more real level which is probably why I enjoy it so much. The second season finale was a great episode. It left so many things open and it should bring a lot of changes to season three.

2. Riverdale

Like most people who watch Riverdale, almost every episode has left me with a million new questions I need answered from the show. The drama, set…

Iced Tea

I've been a huge fan of Davids Tea for years now. In the last couple of years I started to make my own iced tea with loose leaf tea from Davids Tea and now I have the ease of taking iced tea on the go with me.

I'm talking about Davids Tea Iced Tea Press. I've been coveting one since they released their new design this year and I finally picked one up!

The directions are super easy:

how to useStep 1
In the outer sleeve, add tea and hot water to the fill line. Fill the inner compartment with ice.Step 2
While your tea is steeping, slide the inner compartment down into the outer sleeve, stopping before the fill line.Step 3
When your tea has finished steeping, slowly press the inner compartment all the way down. Enjoy!

Because I'm going to be addicted to my Iced Tea Press, I need to stock up on teas that are perfect iced!

I've been hitting up my local Davids Tea store to taste all the new teas being sampled and I've fallen in love with a few that I desperately need to …

To Do List: Spring

Spring is always a short season here. It shows up late and then before you know it summer pops up in June with some scorching hot days. Don't get me wrong, I love summer and everything that comes with it. But spring is nice for walks and hikes and to work in the garden. I feel like May is already filling up with plans which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it means this month is going to fly by.

After sitting down with Adam to discuss some things coming up, we realized there's a handful of things we'd like to do before the hot summer shows up.

Spring To Do List:

Go for a hike or two! Summer brings mosquitoes which makes hiking trails difficult without being eaten alive. So we want to head to a couple of hiking areas before all the bugs show up.Work on the outside of our house - put down grass seed, plant flowers in the gardens, decide on what vegetables we want to plant and start picking up seeds and plants.Have a bonfire. Before we get too hot evenings, we figure we&…

Tank & Koopa Adventures

After chatting with a fellow red-eared slider owner it hit me how old our little turtles are. They're almost two years old and for some reason it doesn't feel like we've had them that long. But it makes sense since we're able to tell the sex of each of them now (well, we're like 90% sure).

Tank has continued to have the wider and darker coloured shell. In the last couple of months he's grown gigantic, Freddy Krueger-like nails which is a sign that he's male. As well as his tail is longer and thicker. He's actually the calmer turtle of the two. We can pick him up to check out his shell or compare size no problem.

Koopa on the other hand hates being handled. Koopa squirms and fidgets which makes it hard to photograph her. I say 'her' but we're still not 100% positive Koopa is female. But since there's no crazy long nails and the tail is smaller, we're assuming Koopa is female. We're just going to watch her as she gets to be full gr…

Fandom Favourites

Hello May! Let's start this month on a fun and positive note...

1. I'm so addicted to Pokemon Y right now and I've found a new-to-me Pokemon to obsess over: Amaura! I grew up with the original Pokemon, Gen 1. I knew of the odd Pokemon from later generations but I didn't play the games, so I didn't know them well. Now, playing Pokemon Y for the first time, I'm finding so many new Pokemon to love. Amaura is the newest obsession and team member for me. As Adam has pointed out, Pokemon must meet a certain cute factor for me to put them on my team.

2. I've always been a huge fan of the t-shirt sites out there. TeeFury has been one that I've purchased from often. They released a new shirt recently that I'm crazy about. Ghosbusters x Golden Girls mash up? Yes please! Even Sophia's purse made it into the design!

3. Star Wars Day is coming up and unfortunately I'm too busy to bake up something Star Wars themed, but that doesn't mean I can't a…