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My Life In Photos

March is almost over and I couldn't be more excited for April. April means spring weather, Easter celebrations and Adam's birthday. All things I enjoy and it means I have a month of baking ahead of me!

I hope March treated you well! xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

I've been busy lately with work and house chores and sewing. I've been squeezing in some TV watching and reading when I can though.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

It took me a bit to get through this book because I kept falling asleep while reading (this happens when I read mainly before bedtime). But I finished it recently and I loved it! It was such a good introduction to Squirrel Girl and I found it very inspiring. The ending actually had me tearing up. I'm a huge fan of how they write Doreen (aka Squirrel Girl) as so chatty and sarcastic and witty. I always end up laughing out loud while reading anything with her.


While transitioning into Spring I've been finding myself wearing a lot of tanks with cardigans. That way if I get too warm while I'm ironing finished sewing projects or from cleaning out a litter box, I can cool off easily stripping down to my tank top. Well, can I just recommend the amazingness of Jordandene tanks?!?! I have a few of them now.…

Comic Books

Have you ever come across a comic, manga, or novel that you cannot put down?! I love finding reading material that grabs my attention and won't let go. Even at 2 o'clock in the morning. This leads to the first comic book I'm recommending today.

"WHO IS LOTTIE PERSON? Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this new ongoing series from New York Times Best Seller BRYAN LEE O'MALLEY (Scott Pilgrim) and dazzling newcomer LESLIE HUNG!"

I was introduced to this series from Instagram (thank you social media!) because a good chunk of the ladies I follow were sharing photos of the Snotgirl issues. I headed over to Comixology and saw there were 5 issues to read so I wasn't too far behind. Well, those 5 issues were consumed in one sitting. Well, lying in bed actually, until the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn't stop reading it. 

The art is …

Fandom Favourites

There are a handful of things I'm really excited for right now...
1. I cannot wait to see the new Power Rangers movie. I'm hoping to squeeze in a movie date with Adam next week to see it sooner rather than later. I'm trying not to have high expectations but I also can't seem to control my excitement.

2. The third season of iZombie starts soon and I'm pumped for more zombie craziness! I love the chemistry between Liv and Ravi. Their friendship is fantastic and incredibly amusing.

3. So who's seen Logan? I recently went to the theatres to see it and I absolutely loved it! It's easily my favourite X-Men-universe movie. Yes, it even beats out Deadpool for me. Logan made me laugh, cry, and scream along with characters. X-23 was perfect and I found so much joy watching her and Logan fight alongside each other. It was the perfect ending to Hugh Jackman's run as Wolverine.

What fandoms are you enjoying now? xo Jen

Hello Spring

Spring is here! Well, kind of. The weather dropped to -28 last night and we still have snow piles everywhere. I also haven't spotted any grass peeking out. But Spring is here and that means we'll slowly start getting warmer and things will start growing!

I'm ready to ditch the sweaters, heavy socks, and winter coats. So I'm sure I'll be feeling a little chilly over the next couple of weeks while I move into my spring wardrobe, even though it's not warm enough yet.

My fashion and beauty inspiration for spring this year is pretty, romantic, and sensible.

Clockwise from top left:
1. I want all things succulents.
2. I love all the pretty eyelet tanks I'm seeing.
3. Long tanks to wear over leggings have become my go-to outfit when I'm home and I plan on wearing these cute and comfy combos right into spring.
4. I realized last summer that I need sensible, but cute walking shoes. Something that won't look too crazy with a cute dress but will still save my …

Toronto Comicon Recap

What a great weekend! Toronto Comicon was this past weekend, which was my first convention of the year. It's always fun and this year I had Adam come with me so he was on the hunt for graphic novel deals for us and we can home with quite the pile.

The show started a little slow Friday and Saturday morning. I was feeling a little down until Saturday afternoon hit. I don't know if everyone spent extra time looking at everything before making purchases but I had a few hours Saturday afternoon where I couldn't sit down because it was non-stop customers at my table.

By Sunday I was ready to nap under my table; I was running on little sleep, I had put in hours and hours of driving over the last 3 days, and the social interactions all weekend had me wanting to hide and rest. However, I left the show feeling inspired and motivated. I want to sew all the things, play all the games, read all the comics, and watch more anime.

Needless to say, I haven't had much rest since I got h…

Planners: Dos and Don'ts

My goal for 2017 was to get more organized. I found myself stressed out and scatterbrained in 2016 and I vowed to make a change.

Since I opened up the pages of my new planner I have found myself obsessed with it. I actually enjoy making time to sit down with it and plan out my upcoming week and make to-do lists for the next day. I'm sure it helps that I've loaded myself up with planner stickers and washi tape to make the pages more fun and inviting to look at.

It's only been about two and a half months but I wanted to share some dos and don'ts that I've encountered since starting to use my planner daily:

use paper clips, bookmarks or other things to draw attention to certain pages. I find it easier to locate important pages with these items; such as my list of books to look up, and my 2017 convention dates. be creative whether it's with stickers, doodles, washi tape, or coloured pens. It will add some fun to your planner which will make you want to keep coming b…

Crafty Updates

Toronto Comicon is only days away and I'm freaking out a little. It's my first show of the year, I'm working like crazy this week which leaves little time to destress at home and there's still things to do!

Anyways, here are some of my finished bags from the last couple of weeks:

All the tote bags are extra large with longer straps than I'd normally use. So we'll see how they do at the show.

I also finished up a few last minute pouches this past weekend:

If you're planning on visiting Toronto Comicon, make sure you stop by my table to say hi! I'll be at table A255.

Have a good day!
xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

With Toronto Comicon next weekend I've been spending any free time I have watching TV (while ironing finished sewing projects or filling cat toys) or squeezing in some Pokemon.

Pokemon Y

I haven't just been playing Pokemon Go lately. I picked up Pokemon Y a couple of weeks ago and I want to play it all the time! I'm doing everything I can to finish up my to-do lists quickly each day so I can snuggle on the couch with kitties and play some Pokemon. I have a feeling I'll be picking up some of the other Pokemon 3DS games because the addiction is strong.

Like the rest of the world (or so it seems), I'm obsessed with Riverdale. It reminded me of Veronica Mars off the bat; dark, a murder mystery from the beginning, and moody teens. The show gets better and better with each episode. And I'm pumped it already got signed on for a second season. At this point, Jughead is definitely my favourite character on the show.

I'm off to finish up some sewing so I can …

Springtime Cake

It's pretty obvious I'm itching for spring... I have flowery candles burning, I'm using tropical body scrubs, and I'm loving everything in the pastel colour palette.

That includes cake! After deciding to make a cake, because why not, I pulled out all my pastel sprinkles for decorating.

I made a cherry chip cake with coconut buttercream and it was so yummy! It didn't last long since we took to having cake for breakfast for a couple of days. It's honestly not a bad way to start the day. Especially paired with a hot cup of coffee. 

I'm sure you'll see these sprinkles again since I have so much spring inspiration right now and want to bake everything I can!

I hope your week is treating you well!
xo Jen

Unicorn Love

I'm not sure who decides what will become trendy each year but I'm not complaining about the trend I've been seeing everywhere lately: unicorns! I feel like I'm a kid again. I rocked unicorns and rainbows as an 80s and 90s kid. I collected the original My Little Ponies and thought rainbows were fantastic thanks to Care Bears.

Michaels Craft Store has been filling my unicorn love with planner stickers and washi tape. But I'm itching for more unicorn things...

Clockwise from top right:
1. Cute Shit Unicorn Pouch
2. Unicorn Snot
3. Fairyland Sticker Kit
4. Unicorn Tote
5. Magical Unicorn Boxed Note Cards

I foresee more unicorn things in my future since it makes my inner child incredibly happy! No wonder I have an obsession with glitter eyeshadow and nail polish.

xo Jen

My Life In Photos

Life has been a whirlwind of emotions lately; working a lot, sewing like crazy, getting excited for spring, getting frustrated having to shovel a ton of snow. I'm trying to stay organized, de-stressed, and positive but I've had some exhausting days. I enjoy these posts for the fact that I can look back at the good moments that I've had, no matter how small they might have been.

Let's hope March turns out to be great and spring shows up early!
xo Jen