Friday, 17 February 2017

Indoor Gardening

Since we moved into our house a couple of years ago I've found myself wanting to get into gardening; both indoors and out. Having a cat that absolutely loves to eat plants and dig in dirt makes it hard to have plants inside the house. We found out, however, that small succulents and cactus that fit on the window sill don't interest Seymore. Maybe because of the lack of big leaves to chew on?

Either way, I've accumulated a few little plants for my window sill in the kitchen. But I want more! This year I'm hoping to add more plants to the house. Both in small planters for the windows, air plants, and hopefully some terrariums.

So air plants, have you heard of them? I was beyond intrigued when I read about them. They don't need soil to survive. They absorb their nutrients through their leaves. This means you can put them anywhere that gets sunlight and where there's good airflow! How cool do they look?!



I'm still completely obsessed with adorable cacti and succulents. There are a few types that I desperately want to find (like the bunny ears cactus!). And eventually I'd like to make a terrarium with a bunch of them too. They're so incredible to look at.



We know of two greenhouses near us that I plan to hit up as soon as they open this spring to check out their selection of succulents. I've always visited the greenhouse too late in the season and they're picked over. This is just another reason why I'm itching for spring to show up!

xo Jen

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