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90s Favourites

This month's theme over at IGGPPC, is 'We Love The 90s". So of course it's brought up so many conversations amongst the staff and in the community about our favourite things from the 90s - television shows, music, fashion, movies. It's brought back so many memories and I'm finding myself wanting to surround myself with some of the nostalgia. Like my urge to start watching Friends on Netflix and wanting to pull out my No Doubt and Letters to Cleo albums.

I was 6-16 years old during the 90s. A lot of my childhood, middle school, and the beginning of high school happened during this time. It was an impressionable period in my life.

These are some of my favourite things from this time period.


Saturday morning was the time for cartoons. Fox played all the best shows but what stands out the most during this line up was the animated X-Men cartoon. It played at 11 a.m. and my brothers and myself were always ready to watch it.

Rugrats & Doug
The other time we watched cartoons in our house was right after school. These were the two shows that I watched everyday when I got home. To this day I have a soft spot for both of these shows and probably kept watching them a lot longer than I should have for my age.

The Powerpuff Girls
This show came out at the end of middle school for me, so I wasn't watching as many cartoons anymore. But this show won me over. And my best friend. We became Powerpuff Girls fans, bought their merchandise, and covered our lockers in stickers of the girls.

TV Shows:

Beverly Hills 90210
I was way too young to watch this show. But I watched it anyways. It was my introduction to teenager drama and how addictive this type of show could be. I wanted to be Kelly. I wanted to date Brandon. It was quite the show to watch during puberty. I actually learned a lot from it.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
This was yet another show I watched with my brothers. I remember watching it first thing in the morning before school. And then spending recess discussing the episode or acting it out.

TGIF - Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 
I spent SO many Friday nights in front of the TV watching the TGIF line up. Usually with snacks, sometimes with my cousin, and sometimes at my grandparents' apartment or trailer. It was one of my favourite things.


Backstreet Boys
Oh, BSB. They were THE boy band that I listened to during middle school. I was obsessed. They were also the first concert I ever went to.

Spice Girls
Who didn't like Spice Girls that grew up in the 90s?! I used to do the dances from their music videos with my friends. I'd belt out all their songs with my cousin. I went to the movie theatre to see Spice World. They were such a fun group to listen to during this time.

No Doubt
Tragic Kingdom was the album that changed music for me. I was obsessed with Gwen and became obsessed with Much Music (Canada's version of MTV) during this time. From there I was introduced to Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, Bif Naked... my love for pop music was behind me and I entered high school listening to alternative music.


During middle school I lived in - denim overalls, scrunchies, Adidas pants (with the classic stripes down the side), and Nike tear-away pants. Once I hit high school, and now wanted to dress like the ladies in Clueless or a Spice Girl (yikes!), I found myself wearing kilts and knee high socks, Silver jeans, bell bottom jeans, jean jackets (there was quite the denim trend happening), and choker necklaces.

For more 90s nostalgia, follow along with the IGGPPC twitter @geekgirlpenpals

What are some of your favourite things about the 90s?
xo Jen

*all images courtesy of imdb*


  1. Oh man, that X-Men cartoon was everything to me as a teen. Although where music is concerned I was definitely more of a grunge/alternative chick.

    1. I found alternative/screamo music in high school. But that was in the early 2000s. That X-Men cartoon shaped how I view all the characters. I still read the comics hearing the voices from that show.

  2. X-Men and MIghty Morphin Power Rangers were amazing! I need to binge watch these again. I miss choker necklaces, especially the fake tattoo ones.


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