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Potter Week: Butterbeer Ice Cream Float

Happy birthday Harry Potter!

Since it's Potter Week I decided to try making The Domestic Geek's Butterbeer Floats and, oh man, are they ever delicious!

It's quite simple to put together:
- butterscotch ice cream
- butterscotch topping
- vanilla cream soda*
- cool whip

*Clear, vanilla cream soda is almost impossible to find in most of Canada. It's pink here! For any Canadians reading this, President's Choice, Fanta, Jones Soda, and Grace all make clear cream soda but not all stores carry these brands.

I shared my recipe directions over on the IGGPPC site for Potter Week, but they're pretty simple if you've ever had an ice cream float before.

Look at how yummy they look! Trust me when I say they tasted amazing! Now go make them for yourself!

xo Jen

Camping Adventures

A couple of weekends ago we went to Algonquin Park for a 5-day camping adventure. We went to Pog Lake Campground where we had two campsites and met up with family. We started the trip setting up our tents in the rain but the rest of the time was gorgeous weather! 
It was a ton of fun and we did a lot of exploring, swimming, hiking, fishing, sitting around a bonfire, and eating yummy food. We also spotted a few animals during our time there - our site was full of blue jays, we had a chipmunk visit us constantly, we came across a moose early one morning on the highway, we saw a mommy moose and her two babies hanging out in the bush, watched a baby black bear eat at the side of the road, and snapped some pictures of a fox. 
Now onto the photos...

Welcome Tank & Koopa

Ever since I met Adam he's wanted turtles. We've put it off for years because we never had room for his giant aquarium. As soon as we bought our house and set up the big desk for the 75-gallon aquarium (which is waiting for the turtles when they get bigger), he was on the hunt for baby turtles. He's been waiting patiently (cough*impatiently*cough) for months now for the reptile store up here to get babies in. Well they showed up last week so we raced to the store to pick out two baby red-eared sliders.

Meet Tank...

& Koopa...

The cats love them. They just watch the tank. They try to sniff and paw at the turtles and it's adorable.

The baby turtles are way too cute and I'm so excited to watch them grow and to try different veggies with them. It's fun having more babies to spoil!

xo Jen

Birthday Recap

So I'm officially 31 years old. It's not too bad. It felt harder last year turning 30. I celebrated my birthday pretty low-key this year. I unfortunately had to work a day shift but then afterwards we hit up one of our favourite chip stands for hamburgers and french fries and headed to a new beach.

We checked out a new lake, Whitewater Lake. It was so nice! Sandy, shallow, and warm. The beach area was a bit small but it was surrounded by grass and picnic tables. So it was perfect for our dinner and swim.

Once we got home, we had cake. I requested something with chocolate and cherry and holy crap did Adam pull through. He made the yummiest cake! Look how pretty it is!

He also spoiled me rotten this birthday - he bought me my Nikon D3200 camera with accessories! I am SO excited to finally have a DSLR camera and to learn to take better photos. Of course I pulled it out right away and charged the battery. It was dark by the time I could take photos, but even on 'Auto' and …

meowbox Review & Giveaway

I was lucky enough to get the chance to review the June meowbox for IGGPPC. You can read my review here. They are also offering 3 MEGA meowboxes for a giveaway. So if you have cats at home, head over to the post to enter now!

The June meowbox was fantastic and both Seymore and Logan loved everything in it.

The Catnip Filled Loopies were definitely the favourite toy. Seymore is still playing with them and I find them soaking wet often. 

Seymore couldn't share with Logan. He had to have both at the same time. 

The Catnip Pellet Grinder is amazing and I highly recommend it if your cat loves catnip! Logan kept attacking the bottle, even while it was closed. He kept knocking it over and when I picked it up, he'd attack my hand. It definitely has a strong smell when you grind it fresh.
Look at that tongue!

Thank you meowbox for letting me review June's meowbox! And remember to head over and enter the giveaway!

xo Jen

Style Inspiration: Camping

One of my favourite things about Summer is camping and being forced to spend time outdoors. Yes, I say forced because even though I love being outside, I get distracted indoors by my computer and television and couch. So when we go camping, I spend all my time outside, unless it's bedtime or raining.

These are some of my camping essentials as far as clothing and accessories go. I wouldn't mind adding some of these exact items to my wardrobe too...


Hikes, swimming, fishing, bonfires, and barbecues definitely top my favourite Summer activities. 
Do you enjoy camping? If so, what's your favourite thing about it? xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

This last couple of weeks have been all about getting ready for camping but I did squeeze in some fun things and ate yummy food, especially since my birthday was earlier this week.


So they're not actually called that, but I had the opportunity to finally try the Limited Edition S'mores Oreos. I was lucky enough to receive a pack of them in the mail from an amazing IGGPPC member. And they're easily one of the best Oreos I've ever had. The cookie is graham cracker and the middle is a marshmallow-chocolate creme. Yum!

Oh, and a pack of Peanut Butter Cup Oreos arrived in my mailbox too!

The Cat's Meow Collection

I received a Kate Spade email this week about their new collection and let me tell you, I want it all! Kate Spade + cats = best accessories ever! I may splurge on something with my birthday money.


I hope you're having a great weekend!
xo Jen

Fangirl News

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con and as usual so much news came out of that convention - trailers, casting announcements, and panels with movies and TV shows where details were spilled.

* A bunch of trailers were released over the weekend and the Deadpool trailer excited me the most. It looks like Ryan Reynolds did it - he's made a R-rated Deadpool movie and it makes me so happy! Now, my expectations have been set high for this movie so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

* There was also a panel for X-Men: Apocalypse and they showed a trailer/clips put together from what they've filmed so far which made me fangirl when I watched it. Seeing a mohawk-sporting Storm, a bald James McAvoy, and hearing Magneto say 'who the fuck are you?' made me squee!

* 'Lumberjanes' won multiple Eisner awards, including 'Best New Series' and it just makes my heart swell. This series has become easily one of my favourites and I love how far it's come.

* O…

My Life In Photos

Today is my birthday and I'm really happy. So far the Summer has been great and filled with wonderful moments. I'm not going to write much today but I'll share some of my favourite photos from the last few weeks. 

xo Jen

Weekend Adventures

We spent last weekend in Hamilton and it was a great time. We had barbecues, went swimming, paintballing, went shopping at Big B Comics and Cheapies, checked out flea markets, hit up Nations grocery store for lunch and goodies to bring home, and did lots of visiting with family and friends. It was a great way to start July.  

Chocolate mint cupcakes and lime cupcakes Adam requested for his paintball and barbecue party. They were so good! 

New figures I picked up over the weekend. I have almost all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop! Vinyl figures now.

It was a fantastic weekend, though I'm still dealing with purple and yellow bruises from paintball. I'm excited for our next weekend adventure which is camping at Algonquin park!

xo Jen