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Summer Conventions

Since moving 4 hours north of Toronto, I've limited the shows that I sell at. It's kind of a good thing though. Now I get to pick and choose the best shows to participate in, I have more time between shows to prepare which allows me to do more custom orders and update Etsy more often, and I can enjoy more of Summer instead of spending so much time travelling to and from shows.

This year, I'm selling at one comic convention at the beginning of Summer and another convention at the end of Summer. It's spaced out nicely.

The first show is Graphic-Con, which is a local convention, and takes place on June 6th. It's the first year for Sudbury's comic convention and I'm very excited for it. I'll get to meet local artists, comic collectors, gamers, and other interesting people. And best of all, it'll be set up in Science North which is a very cool science centre.

My last show of the Summer is Fan Expo Canada on September 3-6th. It's the biggest conventio…

Geek Week

The next week is filled with geek events and it makes me so excited! First, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! To participate, you need to find a local store that's listed on the site, head to that store on Saturday and pick up your free comic(s)! There's one local store near us participating in FCBD so we'll be able to head out Saturday for our comics.

You can see all the comic books that will be available for free here. There are a few I'd really like to get my hands on though.

I clearly need the Gronk comic in my life. It's Katie Cook's creation! And of course the TMNT comic interests me greatly. I mean, look at that cover! I'd be interested in picking up the Bob's Burgers comic too since I find the writing on that show hilarious and I'd hope it'd be the same in the comic. 
Then a week today is May the 4th, which is Star Wars Day! We have a Star Wars themed bake-along planned on the IGGPPC site for that day (though, details are not posted …

What I'm Loving Now

This week has been filled with yummy food, board games, video games, audio book listening, and baking! It's been a good week! These are at the top of my current obsessions this week:

Cadbury Creme Egg Cake

Every year Adam and I make birthday cake requests for each other. Then we have to somehow make that cake. I've requested a s'mores cake, a Passion Flake cake, a lemon-blueberry cake, and a pink lemonade cake. Adam's requested a chocolate bar cake, a mint cake, a lime cake, and this year he requested a Cadbury Creme Egg cake.

Surprisingly there weren't many recipes online for such a thing. There were a lot of cupcakes and cheesecakes but nothing stood out so I saved a picture of a cake I found for inspiration and then manipulated it to what my brain was picturing.

This is my finished cake:

Under the top chocolate frosting layer, I poked holes in the cake and poured a bit of sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce down inside. This left the cake super moist. I…

My Little Pony Adventures

This month over at IGGPPC, the theme is Animation Celebration. So I decided to make my Pinkie Pie and host a watch-along for the season 5 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The pie turned out delicious and the premiere was excellent! 

I followed the same recipe I used a couple of summers ago for the Pinkie Pie, which can be found here.

As a fan of pink lemonade, this pie is tasty. Both times I put the pie in the freezer to thicken up and it turns out delicious!

If the season 5 premiere was any indication of what's to come this season for My Little Pony, I'm very excited. The premiere consisted of two episodes and it had a delightfully creepy vibe. It reminded me of Doctor Who which I really enjoyed. 
I'll be sharing another animation-inspired recipe on the IGGPPC blog next week before getting into next month's theme.
xo Jen

My Life In Photos

Today is Adam's birthday so we have plans this evening and I spent my morning baking a cake, wrapping gifts, and just doing some daily chores so the rest of the day would be free for birthday celebrations. 
April's been an odd month and a fast month. With Easter, Adam's birthday, Spring showing up, and getting ready for my next convention in June, it's been busy. 
Speaking of birthdays, I picked up a Birthday Cake Frappuccino at Starbucks earlier this month for the Frappuccino's birthday. It was so good and the raspberry whipped cream was amazing!

More TMNT figures were purchased and I love that they're from the LARPing episode!

Our little cactus from last year is still thriving. We want to get a couple more for the window sill.

 I found Peeps cat toys at PetSmart just before Easter! I was so excited to bring these home for the cats. I think I ended up being more excited about these toys than they were though... 

Kitty snuggles while I play video games.

This p…

Springtime Itch

We've had a handful of sunny and fairly warm days this week. But the upcoming week is calling for rain or snow everyday. On top of next week's weather forecast, I'm fighting a nasty sinus cold that's kicking my butt.

All I want is Spring right now and to be able to breathe through my nose!

I hope you're having a better weekend than me. Working all weekend with a cold is not ideal.
xo Jen

Crafty Updates

I usually take a mini sewing break after conventions but I ended up taking a custom order at Toronto ComiCon and I'm hoping to do a couple of shows this Spring. So I pretty much went right back to sewing and working on projects. 
I finished the custom order for a Batman hobo bag. The Batman fabric is made from a sheet and I think it turned out great. I love the placement of Batman on the bag. 

I also updated my Etsy with pouches I had leftover from Toronto ComiCon. I still have tote bags to add to the shop but for now you can check out my new pouches. 

First up on my sewing to-do list is kitty kickers! Which means I'll get to fight with cats over the weekend while they try to stick their head in my catnip container.
xo Jen

Style Inspiration

Are you watching izombie? If not, you should be. I'm really enjoying the show so far. The characters are great and the writing and style of the show reminds me so much of Veronica Mars. I like the main character, Liv, a lot and root for her every episode. Her sassy attitude and narration remind me so much of Veronica Mars and I'm very OK with that. 
From the very first episode I fell in love with her hair, dark eye makeup, and clothes. Yes, she's a zombie which is why she has platinum hair and wears extra makeup but I love the look. And her hair style makes me want to cut my hair yet again too. 
Her dress, tights, booties, and sweater outfit combos make me want to copy her style every day. Plus, I forgot how cute hoodies looked with dresses. 
Have you watched izombie yet and if so, do you like it? xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

Currently I'm obsessed with a few things, with Spring being the center of my obsessions. Going for walks, new cotton dresses, new tattoos to display, fun makeup... 
Too Much Fun Dress
ModCloth has been carrying this dress style, Too Much Fun, on their site for years now. It's made by Emily and Fin and it's been released in a bunch of colours, prints, and lengths. I've yet to purchase one but with the new styles they just released I think I may have to treat myself this year. 

I've been playing around with new tattoo ideas I'd like over the last couple of years but not until recently have I decided to add more ink to my body. I haven't settled on what I'm going to get but I know where I'll be getting it. I'll be putting it off until after Summer so chlorinated pools and excess sunshine don't fade the new tattoo however.
I've become obsessed with watercolour tattoo designs.
What have you been loving lately? …

Weekend Adventures

This past weekend we headed down to Hamilton for Easter. We squeezed in two delicious Easter meals with each of our families and also hit up a few stores we hadn't been to in a while. 
Tea for the drive in my pretty new Spring travel mug.

We made a stop at Kool Stuff Toys and came across some crazy amazing latex characters like this Krang. We were informed they were made by The Devils Latex who I instantly recognized as a fellow comic con seller when I checked out their Instagram.

We're getting our supplies together to buy a couple of baby turtles so we made a stop at Big Al's which is pretty much like visiting a small aquarium.

They actually had some baby red-eared sliders which we badly wanted to take with us but we're waiting on the store here to get theirs in so we don't have to take the turtles on a five hour drive. 

We made a quick stop in Big B Comics as well where I picked up my Lumberjanes trade and found another Ultimate Spider-man to add to my collectio…

Springtime Wish List

Spring is here but it's still hiding where I live. The weather is slowly getting warmer and the sun is out more. Snow is very slowly disappearing and some days it's too warm to wear a Winter coat. But I'm longing for real Spring weather! Weather that doesn't require leggings and just a cardigan or sweater is warm enough when outside.

I know Spring is on my mind when I'm eyeing up every floral print I see and looking for pretty jewelry.


I've never been much of a floral print person but as I get older, I like it more and more. My favourite dress is #7 - it's like you're wearing a garden!
xo Jen

Eye Candy

It's no secret I have a sweet tooth so I'm definitely a fan of all the Easter goodies that are in stores currently.... chocolate, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps! I enjoy making recipes with leftover candy or discounted candy. Peeps, Mini Eggs, and M&Ms are always better half-price!
These are a few recipes I'd like to make with some Easter treats. 
Chocolate Peanut Butter PEEPS Skillet S'mores
Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Dip
I already made the following recipe using all white chocolate chips. It's good but incredibly sweet. I think pretty pastel M&Ms (any flavour of them) would make these bars better!
I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend!
xo Jen

Crafty Life

When your part-time or possibly full-time job is craft or art related, it tends to take over your life and home. I know a lot of people who craft or make art for a living or a part-time living. Typically there's always a project near by, if not in your hands. 

I live in a house full of fabric and second-hand sheets. There are thread bits everywhere and tiny bits of fluff hiding in corners and under my couch from my large bag of polyfill. The cats and myself tend to be covered in thread bits and fluff at all times. 

I'm constantly on the hunt for new fabric and materials I can use for my projects. Like this amazing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer fabric I found at a thrift store. 

Most of my 'down-time' usually consists of watching TV while filling cat toys, measuring finished projects, trimming zipper pouches, or scanning Pinterest for recipes. 

I love this life. And I know the people who live a similar lifestyle to me love it too. There's something so energizing an…