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Retro Gaming

Over at IGGPPC, our January round theme is 'Retro Gaming' and we've been having numerous discussions about games we grew up playing. This conversation has found its way to Adam so we've been discussing games we loved playing growing up too. It's been a fun trip down memory lane. Though, we do play older games sometimes and have some installed on our Wii and Playstation 3 so it hasn't been that long since we've played some of them. 

My first experience with the Nintendo Entertainment System was at my Aunt and Uncle's. They had Super Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble, and Super Dodgeball. I remember playing all these games vividly. I was hopelessly addicted to Bubble Bobble and this love transferred over to Bust-A-Move when I was in high school. 

Bubble Bobble

Then came Super Nintendo. It was the first system my parents bought for us and it transformed our lives. I remember playing Super Mario World, Turtles in Time, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong Country all the time! We spent countless hours playing these games. It was definitely something that helped bond me and my brothers. There's nothing like team work to help siblings get along. 

Turtles in Time

But my favourite gaming system, Nintendo 64, came out during my preteen years, though, that didn't slow me down from playing it forever really (let's be honest, we have our N64 still set up). This system was made for households with more than two children. Me and my two brothers could all play at the same time. There was no 'the person who lost (usually me) passes the controller'. We were thrilled with multiplayer games or multiplayer options in games.One of the first games we got for the system was Diddy Kong Racing and it feels like I played that for half of high school.  I spent the other half of high school playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I spent many afternoons and evenings in the living room playing multiplayer rounds, missions, and challenges in those two games. Then there was Super Smash Bros., Bust-A-Move, and Mario Party. Do you remember the blister you'd get on the palm of your hand from playing Mario Party? That toggle was the death of my hand.

Look at those sweet graphics in Goldeneye!

Perfect Dark is easily one of my favourite video games ever!

This Saturday is the last day to sign up for a pen pal over at IGGPPC for the Retro Gaming round. And shhh... I'm pretty excited to pair pen pals so I can see what games get listed under 'geek loves'!

What video games did you grow up playing? What would be your favourite?
xo Jen


  1. Loved my NES and N64....was actually playing Marion Party last night with my BF....ended up having to the play the tug-o-war game like 10 times; talk about blisters indeed! ;-)
    Super Mario and Tiny Toon Adventures were some of my favs on the NES, while Mario Parties, Snowboard Kids, MarioKart, and too many others for the N64 were played often!

    1. I forgot about Tiny Toon Adventures! We played that game a lot also.

  2. I love retro games. What about PacMan or Donkey Kong? Those are fun!

    And then Nintendo. LOVE Nintendo. Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Legend of Zelda.

    They're pretty much the only games that I'm ever any good at (for the most part). I can kick some serious butt on Super Mario Bros. When my daughter and son got the DS, they got the Mario game. No one passed the whole game except for me. But all the newer games just kinda make me dizzy. lol

    1. I definitely prefer platform games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country. I have a hard time getting used to the controls on newer games.

  3. I'll always love Super Mario Bros on my Super Nintendo... I still tend to bust it out every now and then and play it :D


  4. I grew up with a SEGA Master System and later, the Mega Drive. However, my cousins had a NES and I was obsessed with Tetris and Bubsy the Bobcat. Ahh, the good old days.

    1. My cousin had a Sega so I didn't have too much experience with it. Though, I do remember lots of Sonic rounds.

  5. We only ever had a SNES and then a Playstation. We would play Super Mario as a family and our parents told us that when we reached the end a bar of chocolate in the shape of the steps, would come out. It didn't and we cried!

    1. haha that's a funny description of the steps!


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