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My Life In Photos

January has been a cold and snowy month. The cats have become our shadows more than normal since they tend to want more cuddles while it's colder. We've been spending a lot of nights in playing Scrabble, watching movies, and playing video games. It's been quite enjoyable and cozy.

Logan is always interested in helping when I'm filling catnip toys. These were still empty but he knew the catnip would be coming.

I ordered some tea for a Winter pick me up.

I've been baking quite a bit this month and I was excited to pull out my icing colours again for a recipe. I need to dye more things!

To keep up with exercising more regularly, I picked up a yoga mat (yes, an Orla Kiely one from Target!) and have started doing yoga again. I feel so good afterwards. I love how it stretches you out completely. And it's incredibly relaxing until a cold cat nose touches your bare skin.

Thrift store finds.

I've been enjoying the pretty sunsets after cold Winter days.

On a recent …

Crafty Updates

My life has become filled with sewing projects again, which I love. I took December off from sewing since I was so busy at work and with holiday plans. But my first comic convention of the season is in March and I want to keep my Etsy shop updated, so a lot of free time is spent in the craft room. 
I love the days I spend in the craft room. My craft room (which is also the guest room) is one of the coziest places in the house to me. I have a TV in there so I can watch Gilmore Girls and Logan typically hangs out on the bed. And there's fabric everywhere!

I ordered some new fabric which I'm so excited to work with!

Photographing finished items for Etsy. 

I have a lot of catnip kitty kickers for sale right now, though, I do have more to add. 

Some recent items in my shop:
There's more pouches and cat toys to be added to my shop so watch out for those over the next week! 

xo Jen

Retro Gaming

Over at IGGPPC, our January round theme is 'Retro Gaming' and we've been having numerous discussions about games we grew up playing. This conversation has found its way to Adam so we've been discussing games we loved playing growing up too. It's been a fun trip down memory lane. Though, we do play older games sometimes and have some installed on our Wii and Playstation 3 so it hasn't been that long since we've played some of them. 
My first experience with the Nintendo Entertainment System was at my Aunt and Uncle's. They had Super Mario Bros., Bubble Bobble, and Super Dodgeball. I remember playing all these games vividly. I was hopelessly addicted to Bubble Bobble and this love transferred over to Bust-A-Move when I was in high school. 
Bubble Bobble

Then came Super Nintendo. It was the first system my parents bought for us and it transformed our lives. I remember playing Super Mario World, Turtles in Time, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Mario Kart, …

What I'm Loving Now

This week wasn't the greatest for me. I fell earlier in the week while ice skating and I've been left with a nasty bruise on my knee that makes me cringe every time something touches it, work has made me frustrated, and I haven't been feeling the healthiest. It's almost like a cold is just starting to brew inside of me. Either that or this dry weather and heat pumping indoors is making my nose and throat hurt.

So besides work, sewing, and IGGPPC duties, I've spent a lot of time this week watching TV and reading.

Once Upon A Time

Like I stated in my earlier post this week, I started watching OUAT again. I quickly got addicted to Season two and flew through all the episodes. Bringing Hook and Neal back into the storyline made things interesting and I really enjoy both of their characters. If you've seen Season two, you know how the last episode ends so I clearly had to start Season three right away. I'm already five episodes in and I'm loving Neverland. I&…

Reading Challenge

In the past couple of years I have started reading a lot more. My renewed love for reading came from all the new comic book series that have come out and that I was introduced to (Runaways, Lumberjanes, Ultimate Spider-man, etc.). As well as being introduced to audio books. Because of these things, I read every day.

I came across the Goodreads site through IGGPPC. I didn't use it much at first but it's become one of my favourite sites (and app!) over the last few months. It is the perfect site to search for books, whether by genre, author, most popular, etc. and it's ideal to keep to-read lists. I used to keep a note on my cell phone of books to check out. Now I just add them to my Goodreads account.

Over the last month I've noticed friends on Goodreads making reading challenges for 2015 so I decided to set a goal as well. I set my own reading goal for 25 books. I considered doing the 50 book challenge but because I don't log the individual comics I read, I though…

Style Inspiration

I'm giving Once Upon A Time (OUAT) a go again. I started watching it years ago when it first aired. I really enjoyed it, but during the second season I moved and I just couldn't keep up with the episodes as they aired so I gave up. Recently I've been hearing a lot about this show again. A chunk of my Twitter feed and one of my best friends keep talking about it. So I thought I'd try watching it again. Plus, it's a bit easier now since it's a few seasons in and I can marathon the earlier seasons. I'm now three episodes away from finishing season two and I'm thoroughly enjoying the storyline and most of the characters.

Ginnifer Goodwin has always been an actress I liked (she's my favourite sister wife from Big Love). So I quickly liked and started to cheer for Snow White/Mary Margaret on Once Upon A Time. Ginnifer is adorable and she portrays such a sweet, honest, caring, and brave character on OUAT. And to top off her adorableness, she has a wardrob…

Yoshi's Cookie Cookies

There are some changes happening over at IGGPPC for 2015 and it's all very exciting! So in the spirit of doing more activities and getting members more involved, I'm going to be taking over the baking and cooking activities on the site. Which means I'm back to cooking up fandom recipe ideas (get it? haha). I'v decided to make and share a fandom recipe every month based on whatever that month's theme is. 
This month's theme is Retro Gaming and the recipe options are virtually endless. I ended up making something that I've considering doing in the past - Yoshi's Cookies cookies. When I was making fandom recipes before, Adam suggested trying this but it seemed overwhelming. But after a bit of research and brainstorming I figured out a way to make them. 
I choose to make a cake mix cookie over classic sugar cookies for two reasons - 1. I've been very busy lately and making classic sugar cookies didn't appeal to me since they are a full afternoon proce…

Review: Catpax

A couple of weeks ago I opened up our mailbox to find a large box inside... My Catpax subscription box was inside! They sent me their December box to review and I was super excited to open it up with the kitties! My review is over on IGGPPC as well!

The Catpax monthly subscription box contains kitty toys, treats, and care products. But one of my favourite things about this particular subscription box company is that 10% of their proceeds go to cat rescue groups. They give back to help other kitties! From their site: "CATPAX is dedicated to helping cats everywhere. We pledge a portion of our proceeds to great cat shelters, rescues, and other groups around the country." So not only are your own cats getting a treat, but you're helping other cats in need.

The box I received contained two bags of treats, a pack of cat toys, and some grooming wipes. I was especially interested in the grooming wipes since I haven't tried many care products on my own cats.

Banzo Bits by True…

Movies Watch List

At the beginning of a new year, I love looking up what movies are coming out during that year. I get excited knowing when a movie I'm looking forward to seeing will be out in theatres. I make future dates in my head that surround holidays and birthdays. Like Kingsman: The Secret Service will be an ideal Valentine's Day date and Ant-Man might be the movie I pick to see when we celebrate my birthday.

Since the year has just begun, most movie trailers out right now are for the first half of the year. Though, I do know of some movies that come out late in the year that I'm very excited for. As of right now, this is the list of movies I'm very excited to see in the theatres this year:

Kingsman: The Secret Service
It's based on a comic book and has a fantastic cast. Need I say more?!

Avengers: Age of Ultron
The first Avengers movie was incredible. I'm so excited to see how the next one is.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Like other Star Wars fans, I'm supe…