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Happy New Year

Depending on your timezone, Happy New Year or Happy New Year's Eve! I don't care much for New Year's Eve. For me it's just a night to stay in and relax and the following day is a welcomed day off work. My plans for tonight consist of hanging out with the kitties while relaxing on the couch watching TV shows and maybe playing some video games. Nothing exciting, but exactly what I want to do!

I've said it in the past, but I would love to go out one New Year's Eve to a dressy party. Wear fancy clothes and drink champagne! If I had that opportunity, these items would be my style inspiration.

Did you have a good New Year's Eve? xo Jen

New Years Blogging Resolutions

About a month or so ago I came across the amazing, talented, inspiring world of the Female Geek Bloggers. I follow a lot of people on Twitter who are apart of this group and I also read some blogs with the FGB logo in their sidebar. I finally did some research into the group and I'm in love!

One of the regular blogging themes amongst the group is the Five Fandom Friday. Five Fandom Friday was started by two bloggers whom I admire, The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick, and each week bloggers will write about the same thing or theme. This past week was 'New Years Blogging Resolutions'. This seemed right up my alley since we're only a couple days away from the new year and I've been focusing more on my blog this year.

So here are my New Years Blogging Resolutions:

1. Better photos
I've stated this before but I really want and need to up my photo game. Which means a better camera and trying to find the best lighting in this house. I have been working on lig…

It's Almost Here!

Even as an adult I have moments where I feel exactly like Buddy the Elf. This is probably why Elf has become one of my favourite Christmas movies.

On Christmas Eve, this is me ALL day...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

xo Jen

December Activities

Anyone else excited that Christmas is THIS week?!?! I'm incredibly excited! To get in the Christmas spirit I've been fitting in Christmas activities wherever I can... Christmas movies, building gingerbread houses, wrapping gifts, writing out cards, and consuming festive treats!

What have you been doing to get in the holiday mood? Countdown till Christmas is on!
xo Jen

Weekend Adventures

Working retail at Christmas takes over your life. It's not the most fun but I'm doing my best to squeeze in as much holiday fun as I can this month. 
A couple of weekends ago we had some family come up to visit. It was a great weekend and I consumed so much good food and laughed so much. 
I made a cinnamon maple coffee cake and fruitcake cookies for the weekend and they both turned out great. I'm going to share the recipes next week.

The entire house decided to have a nap or disappear into video games (ahem, Adam) so I hung out with cats in the basement for a bit.

We picked up the Marge ornament while out shopping at Target. 

We checked out the Festival of Lights!

And brought home a Red Lobster take-out bag for Seymore.

While Seymore partied in the paper bag, we ate lots of treats and played games. 

This was definitely my highlight of the month because since then I feel like I've been living at work and in a time crunch when I'm at home.

I hope you have a good wee…

Sugar Cookies

I believe that sugar cookies are a staple at Christmas time. I associate sugar cookies with this time of year because of when my Mom baked them before Christmas, me and my brothers got to decorate them with sprinkles and candied silver balls.

This year I planned on making sugar Spritz cookies with my cookie press. I was excited to use the tree and wreath disc and frost them and add sprinkles afterwards. Well, the dough was not working with me. It was getting stuck in the cookie press and it wasn't coming out properly and sticking to the pan.

My solution? Roll the dough out and use cookie cutters! This way I could decorate them the regular way.

I followed the recipe in my Cuisinart Cookie Press Booklet:

Sugar Cookies

3 2/3 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
3 large eggs

1. Preheat oven to 350 F
2. Put…

Review: meowbox

It's not a secret that I'm a cat lady and obsessed with my kitties. Did you know there are cat subscription boxes out there for you to spoil your furbabies with?! I recently found out and got excited thinking about getting one for my kitties. Meowbox is one of these cat subscription box companies and they're Canadian! Every meowbox contains at least five new goodies for your cat and the treats tend to be all-natural, wholesome, organic, or locally-made. Meowbox sent me (and Seymore and Logan) the November box to review. Needless to say, we were all very excited about receiving our meowbox!
The box contained four toys and three bags of treats.

Sprong - Catty Coil
From the Field - Stella the Cork Comet
One Pet Planet - Wooly Fun Ball
Categories - Batnip Ball

Holistic Select - Indoor Health/Weight Control Waggers - Mighty Lion Cat Treat Canidae - Grain Free PURE Taste Treats
As soon as I cut the tape on the box and opened it up Seymore was basically inside the bo…

Christmas Looks

Christmas is SO soon! I'm spending the rest of my evening wrapping the last of the gifts and watching Elf. I just love this time of year.

My Christmas wish list was sent to Santa a while ago but thanks to online window shopping, I'm always adding to my wish list. These are a few things I'd love to add to my wardrobe and wear over the Christmas holidays.


It's quite the mix between the a-line dresses and geeky shirts but this is exactly how my wardrobe ranges. Wearing comfortable clothes over the holidays is essential. I consume more food than normal and there's always a lot of moving around, especially now with nieces to play with. A dress and tights on Christmas Eve has been my staple for years now. Probably because we head to church for a Christmas Eve service and then visit grandparents. Christmas Day is more casual because it's a very hectic day and it's not unusual for me to take a seat on the floor because there's just that many people around…

Five Things For The Holidays

During the holidays I'm all about baking treats and surrounding myself with cozy things - candles, mugs of hot beverages, blankets, and a couple of cats. Christmas time is the beginning of my nesting season.

These are a few things I'd like to have around the house during this time:

1. Twisted Peppermint Candle from Bath and Body Works - This is by far my favourite scent at Bath and Body Works. It is the perfect peppermint scent and perfect for Christmas time.

2. Cherry Pie Cookies - How amazing do these look and sound?!? I may have to try making some.

3. Philosophy Iced Gingerbread Cookie Duo from Sephora - Seriously?! This needs to be on my body! Smelling like gingerbread or cinnamon sounds pretty darn amazing to me. Source
4. Mint M&M Sugar Cookie Bars - I always associate sugar cookies with Christmas time and throwing in any type of M&M sounds like a pretty great idea!
5. Hot Chocolate - I have hot chocolate often during the cold months. I also enjo…

My Life In Photos

My life has been all about Christmas pretty much the past couple of weeks.... shopping, baking, writing out cards, putting up decorations... And I'm not complaining because I love this time of year! 
This is the first year we've had a Christmas tree and I was very excited to put it up. Our tree has been up for almost a month and Seymore hasn't broke it yet! The bottom branches are a bit bent and we've had to move all ornaments up a couple of feet, but other than that, the tree is working out!

I recently came across Itty Bittys at Hallmark and died of cuteness! I suggest you check out the link and swoon over all the little cuties. These two little guys came home with me to join my other Christmas decorations. 

The kitties have been melting my heart lately. They keep cuddling and cleaning each other <3

The snow! The weather keeps coating us in snow which turns the outdoors into a beautiful Winter Wonderland.

While Christmas shopping I picked up these for myself becau…

What I'm Loving Now

Over at IGGPPC, we ended up doing a Secret Santa gift swap between staff members which was super fun to do! I received my gift last week and was blown away by the amazing gifts and goodies inside. It was great opening up an early Christmas gift. 
Forever Nuts
I received a tin of Forever Nuts tea by Davids Tea in my Secret Santa gift. This may be one of my top favourite teas I have tried. It smells like a bakery and the flavour is so good. Not too sweet, but still like a baked almond cookie. It's lovely. And bonus, the tea turns a lovely pink colour when steeped. 
I've been ogling over so many things on the Human website. I need to place an order after Christmas for sure. These two tanks are my top favourites at the moment. 

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!
xo Jen