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My Life in Photos

Tomorrow is July 1st, which is Canada Day here. I'm hoping the rain will hold off tomorrow evening so we can go see some fireworks. It does blow my mind that June is over though. It was a jam-packed month, which looks to be the trend for the Summer.

My Mom and cousin came up to visit for a couple days earlier this month. Since Mary hadn't seen the Big Nickel yet, we went to check it out. It was a gorgeous day to be out so it was perfect.

As you can see, we're both big dorks! 

Before they came up to visit, I whipped up a batch of classic peanut butter cookies. For whatever reason, this batch turned out perfect! The cookies were delicious.

Hot weather = Ice cream!

I'm still reading lots and lots of X-Men comics, but I've also started Ms Marvel and Lumberjanes this month. Both of which I LOVE!

I also picked up the first two issues of izombie when I was last at the comic book store.

The hot weather has made the kitties extra lazy. Actually, let's be honest, every…

What I'm Loving Now

How was your week? Mine was quite busy and productive. Between prepping for the move and the new house, and also getting ready for Fan Expo, I am never without something to do! But it's been a fun week and a great start to the Summer! So onto what I'm obsessed with currently... 
Davids Tea
A little over a week ago Davids Tea tweeted that they would be giving away samples of their new tea flavour in all orders that week. And what was this new tea flavour? Cotton Candy! I actually freaked out a little and ran to tell Adam about this new tea. This past week I received an email from them about their new collection - The Carnival Collection. I have never loved one of their collections as much as I do this one. I want everything! I'm in love with their gradient mugs and I'm definitely going to be ordering some cotton candy and caramel corn tea!

Orange Is The New Black
The weekend of Niagara Falls Comic Con, the second season of Orange Is The New Black was released…

Three Years

Today marks our three year wedding anniversary and I couldn't be happier!

And it seems fitting that today we faxed off our final paperwork on our first mortgage. We bought a house and we move in this Summer! It happened so quickly and I'm beyond excited to move into our first house!

I have so many ideas and plans for decorating and DIYs, and you better believe I'll be sharing them with you!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. We went to the beach earlier for a picnic and are staying in this evening with homemade pizza and margarita cupcakes.

xo Jen

Outside Adventures

Since the weather has been fantastic lately, and me and Adam needed a little break, we headed out to a lake we hadn't been to before to fish for the afternoon. We headed about a half hour out of the city to Vermilion Lake. It was absolutely beautiful and the houses that surrounded the lake were gorgeous! We had a hard time finding a spot to park so we could walk down to the lake. We ended up finding a bridge that crossed a narrow part of the lake which was a perfect spot to fish and take in the view. 

The day started sunny but ended up being overcast. It was still really warm out and the clouds just helped with the heat.

The whole time we fished, I was on the search for wild animals amongst the trees that faced us. The only thing we saw was a Muskrat swimming in the lake. It was pretty cute.

We never caught any fish but it was still an enjoyable afternoon. I have so many memories of fishing from my childhood. Most of my family enjoy fishing and I spent a lot of time in fishing bo…


I didn't realize how much I needed Summer until it started to feel like it a couple weeks ago. The sunshine, walking around bare foot, and drinking lots of iced tea is exactly what I needed to re-energize me and give me inspiration. I know in a month or so I'll be complaining of the heat and wanting Autumn weather. But right now, I'm going to enjoy Summer and take in as much sunshine as I can. 
Happy Summer Solstice!
xo Jen

Weekly Adventures

This past week has been a really busy one for IGGPPC... twitter, Facebook, and emails have blown up! Why? Because we're planning and organizing a Summer Camp!

I am SO excited for this! A big chunk of my childhood was spent at trailers that my family members owned. My summers were filled with bon fires, swimming, and catching fireflies. I miss campgrounds a lot. It's probably why I encourage my Dad to have a bon fire every time I visit my parents and it's also why I cannot wait to have a house to have my own fire pit!

There are a TON of activities, games, and webinars being planned for Summer Camp. Check out the post here which is being updated daily as we confirm things. It looks like I'll be helping organize a movie watch-a-long and I'll be covering s'mores recipes/info (are you shocked?!? haha).

We also opened up Round 15 this past Sunday, so if you're interested in signing up, click here. It's our last round until Summer Camp so we can use July to f…

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is in less than a month! On one hand I'm excited for it because of obvious reasons - cake, presents, excuse to eat sweets all day, and this year I'm having a party as well. And on the other hand, this birthday is the big 3-0. Eeee...

Either way, I've been bugged by Adam to get my birthday wish list together... these are a few of my favourite things!


But really, I'm most excited to have a birthday party and be surrounded by family and friends. And of course, eat cake! xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

It seems like it's been forever since I was eligible for a cell phone upgrade.... I suffered for months with a barely working Blackberry Curve and luckily my friend offered me her iPhone 4 back at Christmas time to hold me over until I was due for an upgrade. So we just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm so excited to start playing around with it! But we need cases because it's so thin and light and I'm afraid I'll drop it. I'm torn on spending a lot on a case or not. 
Kate Spade
As soon as I saw this case I had a mini freak out! I've loved this Kate Spade design ever since I saw it a couple years ago. I need this case! And the tote wouldn't be horrible to own either... 
I have dreams of owning a Kate Spade purse one day. I've seen a couple of customers with this same purse, but in different colours, at work and I just drool over their bags. They probably think I'm going to steal something since I'm trying to catch glances…


There are so many recipes I'd love to try when it comes to baking, but when the recipe calls for an ingredient I normally don't have on hand I usually end up ignoring the recipe. This is unfortunate because I'm sure some of the recipes are super yummy, but honestly, I'm lazy and cheap! The usual ingredient that normally turns me off from a recipe is nuts. Besides peanuts, all nuts are super pricey! Sure, I'd love to buy them more often because they're so delicious but it just rarely happens. 
So when we found ourselves with a bag of almonds I definitely took advantage of this and made some cookies that called for them. 
The first cookie recipe I made was an almond butter cookie. They were SO good! They were very addictive because they weren't overly sweet. The butter and almond flavour was perfect together. They were sort of like an almond shortbread.

The other cookie recipe I made was my take of a rocky road recipe I saw for cookies. They were also very g…

Niagara Falls Comic Con Recap

This past weekend was Niagara Falls Comic Con. It was my second time doing the show and I had a ton of fun again this year. I really enjoy the venue, crowd, and staff at this convention. Everything is very organized and I'm just in love with the table space they give you in Artist Alley. Typically at conventions everyone is squished into Artist Alley, there's no back drop, and you have little to no room behind you. But at the Niagara Falls convention, you actually get your own personal area. This makes for a much more comfortable weekend since you have a bit of room to move, breathe, and put your extra stock. 

I found the trend this past weekend was Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ghostbusters. All of which makes sense seeing as there were guests from each fandom.

On the first day I met a fellow IGGPPC member, Kacie. She was such a sweetheart and I'm so happy we were finally able to meet in real life. And she looked pretty awesome in her cosplay.

Crafty Updates

This weekend is Niagara Falls Comic Con. This will be the third year for the convention and my second year doing it. I was super impressed with it last year. It was so organized, everyone was helpful and nice, and there was a great crowd there. I really enjoyed myself and I'm excited to do it again this year.

I've been sewing like crazy since Toronto ComiCon back in March. After counting my inventory and pricing things, I was a little shocked to see just how much inventory I have ready.

These are just a few of the new items I'll have at the show with me.

I finally figured out how to make zippered totes! I love how it turned out!

My Life In Photos

May was probably the fastest month of the year so far. I think it's because we started the month off coming back from our trip to NYC. We had catching up to do when we got home and then I had to plan for my Mom's birthday and I had to finish up comic con prep. It was a super busy month.

We didn't bring too many treats home from our trip to New York City. But the few things we brought home were super yummy! I loved the M&Ms!

I had to work on May the 4th but I celebrated by wearing my Star Wars shirt underneath my work shirt. 

We walked to Mac's Convenience on one of the warm days for Frosters (slurpees). I thoroughly enjoyed the description of this particular flavour for some reason...