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Springtime Adventures

Spring officially arrived in Sudbury this month. It's slowly gotten warmer and the sun's been out a lot. It was a little odd during the first couple of weeks in May because even though it was beautiful out, there were still a lot of plants and trees completely bare. 
At the beginning of the month we had to head downtown for an appointment so we parked a bit out of the way and walked to our appointment. But afterwards we decided to check out the hill we parked on... we ended up finding a pathway which led to the top and had a pretty good view of the city. 

A random sight at the top of the hill.

During the long weekend a couple of weeks ago we headed down to Bell Park. It was the first real summer-like day. Shorts and tank tops were necessary. It was a perfect day to go for a walk along the lake.

I'm so happy that sunny weather is here. I can already feel the dark lonely moods that took over during the Winter months lifting. I'm excited for random adventures during the …

The Amazing Spider-man 2

A couple of weeks ago we went to see The Amazing Spider-man 2. It was a good movie and once again, I loved Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and smartass Spider-man. I did find the movie had a weird flow to it though. And there was definitely a lot packed into the movie. But I still found it entertaining and I'll definitely be buying the movie when it comes out on blu-ray. 
Of course on the day we went to see it I had to wear my Spider-man skirt and bright blue tank. 

I just love Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in the movie. She was fantastic in the first movie, and even better in the second. And again, I fell in love with her entire wardrobe, especially all those fantastic jackets!
Have you seen The Amazing Spider-man 2 yet? What'd you think?
xo Jen

Weekend Adventures

We headed back to Hamilton this past weekend to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday. Of course we squeezed in as much as we could during our time there. Our first stop was visiting Kool Stuff. We always find some great things there. We don't necessarily buy a lot, but I always enjoy going through all the vintage toys. 

The creepiest Sailor Moon dolls I have ever seen...

I squeezed in TWO frozen yogurt dates over the weekend with two different friends. It was so worth it. I had different flavours both times but as usual popping bobas made it into my container during both visits. 

The entire weekend was just gorgeous. It got so hot both Saturday and Sunday. All the plants were in full bloom at my parents'. Their chokecherry tree was just absolutely beautiful. 

Before we headed home on Sunday we hit up Big B Comics. We spent way more money than we planned but oh well. We stocked up on comics big time. I was so tempted to pick up this Pop! Vinyl figure too. I figure I'll pur…

Springtime Dressing

The weather this week has been beautiful. I can finally head outside without tights or a cardigan. It's perfect weather for loose, flowy skirts and dresses and wedges.


These are a few things I'd love to have in my wardrobe right now to wear when going out. xo Jen

Summer Drinking

There are numerous reasons why I'm excited for the upcoming Summer months...  1. Mine and Adam's wedding anniversary 2. My 30th birthday 3. Warm, sunny evenings and hot, beach-worthy afternoons 4. More visitors come up to stay with us 5. The possibility of looking for a house
And you know what goes well with all of those five reasons?! Delicious, cold drinks! And lots of other things too. But the reality is, I'm totally in a party, hostess-type mood. I want to have a game night with yummy dips and cocktails, or spend an afternoon outside with my Mom drinking iced teas, or make coconut iced coffee when my best friend comes up to visit. 
These drink recipes are just a few that I'm itching to try this Summer and I'm honestly salivating a bit looking at the pictures...
So I'm all about mixing iced tea with lemonade. It's one of Adam's favourite drinks. I never even thought about mixing it with cranberry juice!
Boston Iced Tea
Iced black tea mixed with sweet…

Etsy Crush

Recently on Etsy, a person I follow 'favourited' the cutest Ponyo print. I clicked on the Etsy store to see what other designs there were and I was pleasantly surprised. Teacup Piranha is filled with cute and retro-looking prints. And there is a ton of geek-inspired prints in the store.

These are just a few of my favourites:

Platform 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express Retro Travel Poster 
The Shire Retro Travel Poster 
Studio Ghibli Ponyo Print 
Tangled Lanterns Print
There are a lot more styles and designs in the Teacup Piranha store. I just adore the Retro Travel Posters. I think they'd be fantastic to hang up around a house. Make sure you check out the Facebook page too!
xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

It's crazy that May is more than half over. I have a feeling Spring and Summer are going to fly by because there's so much going on over the next few months. 
Because I'm in full comic convention prep mode, I've been listening to audio books like crazy and watching a ton of TV while working on sewing projects. I finished the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series, Scarlet. This story intertwined with the first book, Cinder, but it was based on the 'Little Red Riding Hood' fairy tale. Well, not based on, but it had elements from the fairy tale. I'm completely head over heels about this series. I'm starting the third book, Cress, tomorrow and I'm pretty excited to continue the story. 
The Mindy Project

It's a little sad all the TV shows are over for the season. Most of them anyways. The Mindy Project season finale was so perfect! I won't go into detail in case you're not caught up, but it was such a sweet and adorable epi…

Mail Day

I've been reading blogs for a very, very long time. During college I started to read certain blogs regularly, so it's been about 10 years now! One of my favourite blogs that I've come across during my blog-reading years is Katie's, Hook, Line & Sink Her. I find Katie's posts incredibly entertaining, endearing, inspiring, and just plain awesome.

We did a sweets swap over a year ago which was incredibly fun. You can see all the treats here. Well we decided to do another swap back in the Winter. Surprisingly enough, we both received each other's parcels within a week of each other. You can see what I sent Katie this time in her post.

It felt like Christmas opening up Katie's parcel...

So there was the biggest, cutest, zippered reusable tote bag inside that I'm beyond excited to use for craft shows and at Christmas time to carry presents when we have to travel back to Hamilton. 

Seymore adores climbing inside bags so I had to make sure to put the bag in…


When asked how old I am, it still feels weird saying '29'. I have no idea why exactly. But my last couple of birthdays don't actually feel like my age. And the thought of turning 30 this year scares me and causes a bit of anxiety. I feel like a walking billboard for young people.... "not everything works out the way you plan", "you must be open to change because sometimes it happens whether you're want it to or not", "live in the moment", "you can't control everything". Five + years ago, I wouldn't have been prone to saying many of those things. Maybe the "live in the moment" quote. But I had an idea of how I wanted my life to turn out and approximately what age and order I wanted things. 
That all went out the window. I ended up meeting an amazing man who completely made me re-think things, but in a good way. I got used to not knowing exactly where we'd be in a year's time. It's been an adventure. B…

New York City Day 3

First of all, sorry for all the NYC photos, but I just couldn't pick a handful to share. We went to so many cool places and NYC is incredibly photogenic. And second, this is my last post for NYC photos. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled program next week. You can see my photos from day one here and photos from day two here.

Our last full day in the city was a little wet. There were torrential downpours ALL day. It just didn't stop raining. Thankfully we saved The American Museum of Natural History for this day. So we spent the majority of the day inside. We showed up at the museum an hour after it opened and stayed until it closed and we still didn't get through the entire museum.

New York City Day 2

This time last week we were finishing up our third day in New York City. I'm happy to be home in my own bed and with my kitties but I definitely wish I was back there exploring more. You can see my photos from day one of our trip here.  On the second day we decided to take the subway down to Battery Park and just make our way back to our hotel from there. We weaved through a lot of neighbourhoods in lower Manhattan.

I loved all the old buildings mixed with the newer, tall buildings down in the financial district. 

A pistachio French Macaron! It was so incredibly good. I'm happy I finally got to try a real one!

The small cemetery beside Trinity Church was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

New York City Day 1

Like I said in my previous post, me and Adam went to New York City last week from Monday through Thursday. We decided to go a couple of months ago and booked our flight through Porter Airlines and decided on a boutique hotel near the Empire State Building. We didn't have many flight options but Porter is a great airline to fly with. They have Porter lounges at most airports and offer free wifi, coffee, tea, juice, water, and snacks. And free is always good! And I highly recommend the hotel we stayed at - Herald Square Hotel! It was clean, quaint, and you get a private bathroom. And we never once didn't feel safe in that area and the staff was super helpful. Plus it was so close to Penn Station for the subway.

We saw the sunrise on our 6:25 a.m. flight. 

Our hotel room view.

There were cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE!

Grand Central Station.

My Life in Photos

It's May! Happy Free Comic Book Day! Unfortunately, I didn't get to go out today to pick up some free comics since I worked all day. May does have a lot of of fun things coming up during the month. But I'd like to see a bit more 'Spring' this month. I was teased with Spring this past week.

We headed to New York City this past Monday for a few days. And let me tell you, Spring is in full force there! But I'll get to that trip in another post. The rest of April was a great month. We celebrated Easter, Adam's birthday, and we had company up for a weekend.

We saw A LOT of snow this past month. Things started to melt and then we got another snow storm about half way through the month. It did look pretty but it covered up all the bare grass.

On one of the warmer days, me and Adam had a date day... we headed downtown to check out Comics North and the candy store that carries imported treats and some things I've never seen before, like this soda pop.