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Hair Inspiration: Seeing Red

I have spent a good chunk of my life struggling with my hair and I have shared this often on here. I play a game of where I let my hair grow as long as I can stand it and then cut it all off to a long bob. When I did this last Spring, I had a love-hate relationship with the hair cut. But one thing I realized, long hair is actually easier for me. Because on days that I struggle with frizz, I can throw it in a ponytail. And long hair weighs down my frizzy, wavy hair. And bedhead hair days look better on long hair than shoulder length. 
Now all I have do is find a way to not get the urge to cut my hair off again. When my hair is long, heavy, and annoying me, I need to remember that I do prefer it long to short. I NEED to remember this. Remind me when I start posting cute shoulder length hair photos. 
I've also been playing around with different shades of red in my hair. I steadily dyed it an orange-red for a couple of years and then I started trying different shades. I like the oran…

Crafty Updates

March is almost over which means I only have two months to get ready for my next convention, Niagara Falls Comic Con. I have lots of sewing to get done. And this will be the first con I do a bit differently. I've always used a wide range of fabrics and all the bags I bring are different. I rarely have duplicates of one design. But after selling out at every show of certain fabrics instantly, I'm going to make a few bags and pouches with the same fabric. So some of the more popular fabrics (ahem.. Doctor Who....) will be available on more products. Which means I have lots of sewing to do!

I've been working on pouches recently and have about 30 ready for sewing.

One of my favourite things is stocking up on new sewing supplies. It's such a nice feeling opening up a parcel with 100 assorted zippers! Logan became very interested in my zipper parcel and decided he was going to try lying on them.

I updated my Etsy shop with some leftover pouches and tote bags recently. I sti…

Spring Movie Watch List

It's pretty normal for the Summer months to be filled with big, blockbuster movies here. There's usually a few movies that come out every month during the Summer months that I really want to see. But 2014 seems to be all about Spring. I mean, there's still some great movies coming out this Summer. But since Veronica Mars came out a couple of weeks ago, there's a steady stream of new movies coming out throughout the Spring that I really want to see.

The first two movies in my list, Veronica Mars and Divergent, have already been seen! I enjoyed both movies but Veronica Mars has started the 2014 movie season off strong since it was such an amazing movie.

Here are the movies I'm looking forward to this Spring:

March 14th - Veronica Mars The Movie

March 21st - Divergent
April 4th - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
May 2nd - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 23rd - X-Men: Days of Future Past

June 6th - The Fault in Our Stars
June 13th - How To Train Your Dragon …


Today is one of those days where I'd like to hide under a blanket from the world. There are lots of things to do and work on but it's just not happening for me. I spent some time this evening thinking, reflecting, and finding myself scrolling through Kyla Roma's Pinterest page because lately I have found her pins super inspiring. Each of these quotes created a little spark inside me.... so I leave you with them. 

xo Jen

Weekly Adventures

What a week I've had.... Adam has been pretty ill which doesn't happen too often but it means I've been busy and distracted with chores, errands, and making sure he's eating healthy and that his water glass is always full. But I also spent a good chunk of my week preparing for a birthday.... International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club turned one year old this week! So not only did we open up Round 12 on March 19th (our birthday) but we planned a week of giveaways leading up to the big day. I highly recommend entering whatever giveaways are still open because we have some amazing prizes up for grabs!

So this Round is obviously birthday-themed and we all included a photo of ourselves as babies and have a contest going on to see if you can figure out who's who. Recognize me?

If you've never signed up for a previous round, I suggest checking it out if you're interested in snail mail and connecting with someone from another part of the world. Emily did some calculatin…

Hello Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! I believe Mother Nature is playing a trick on us though because I see no signs of Spring at all! In stores, yes. They are filled with bathing suits, shorts, flip flops, patio sets, and pool toys. But outside? Well, I still see 5 feet tall snow banks outside and it was snowing again this afternoon and evening here. As much as I enjoy bundling up and snuggling on the couch under a blanket, I admit I'm feeling the itch to go outside without a giant Winter coat and having to chip ice off my car every morning. I'm looking forward to seeing more sunshine and some colour... green leaves and grass and some wildflowers!

Besides sunshine and greenery, I'd also like a few new Spring items for my wardrobe. Just in case Spring does decide to show up.


I hope wherever you are, you're seeing some early signs of Spring and not still dealing with tons of snow. Until I see some signs, I'll be daydreaming about it at home and doing some windo…

Etsy Crush

I'm a sucker for cute things. I'm a sucker for geeky things. When you make geeky things cute, well, I'm in love! Recently on Etsy, I saw the most adorable Legend of Zelda earrings in my Activity. I instantly headed over to the seller's shop and just freaked out over all the adorable earrings! Sweet Whatevers is filled with the most adorable fangirl jewelry. I highly recommend checking out her shop!

Legend of Zelda Shield Earrings
Hello Kitty Tiny Bow Earrings
Super Mario World Flight Feather Earrings
Nyan Nyan Nyanko Cake Earrings
Amanda, the amazing lady behind Sweet Whatevers, is super talented! I'm a huge fan of these earrings and the detail put into them. Definitely go check out her shop!
xo Jen

Veronica Mars the Movie

Years ago I heard about a TV show that had just started airing, Veronica Mars. I quickly raced to my computer and downloaded the first couple of episodes of the first season immediately to check out the show. I was in love! Veronica was everything I wanted and needed in a character. She was strong, independent, kickass, and an outsider. Quickly, Veronica Mars became somewhat of a role model to me. I religiously watched the episodes on TV and would just take in every detail of the show. I adored the music and I remember when I first heard Tegan and Sara on the show and how happy that made me. I also enjoyed seeing all the guest stars on the show.

Now, fast forward to present day and I still re-watch my Veronica Mars boxsets. I'm always sad and disappointed when the third season finishes because it leaves so many loose ends.

But I can say that after watching Veronica Mars the Movie, I finally feel satisfied. Even though the movie doesn't start where the TV show left…

Baking Inspiration: Donuts

Donuts! They have taken over the baking spot in my mind! Seeing a picture of one distracts me lately. I instantly want to run to the nearby coffee and donut shop or pull out my donut pan. I want to do some baking this upcoming weekend and I think I finally need to whip up a batch of donuts! For now I'll leave you with some donut eye candy...

They're such an adorable food, if that makes sense. Either way... donuts! Nom!
xo Jen

Toronto ComiCon Recap

Well my first comic convention of the year is over. It was lots of fun! I talked to so many people, new and old, and sold a lot! But like all convention weekends, I'm now exhausted and need to recover from three days of talking to people constantly and sitting in a dry building. I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the week.

I posted an entire album on my Facebook page of my photos from the convention, including all the great cosplay I saw. Check out the album for more photos!

My table set up was pretty much the same as previous conventions. I always have a hard time setting up because I have a ton of stock at the beginning and it's hard fitting everything out. As the weekend goes on I can spread things out better.

Saturday's outfit consisted of the new Pusheen pin I bought and my Pac-man leggings from Insert Coin Clothing!

On Sunday I wore my Harry Potter t-shirt I received for Christmas. It's so unbelievably cute! Look at Ron's broken wand!

Doctor Who was e…

Toronto ComiCon

I'm very excited for Toronto ComiCon this weekend! It's the first con of the year so as usual I'm a bit nervous and over-thinking everything. But I know it'll be fun. It's 3 days of talking to people, new and old, and checking out the other vendors and exhibitors.

If you're going to Toronto ComiCon, I'm in Artist Alley at A225. Come by and say hi!

I thought I'd share some of my finished products that will be coming with me to the show.

Whatever is left over after the convention will be added to my Etsy shop within the next week or two.

Well, I have some last minute things to do tonight before I head down tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!
xo Jen

Outside Adventures

We finally made it out to Ramsey Lake to do some ice skating. They only have the pathway open during certain times of the day so we were having a hard time scheduling in a visit. It was the perfect day to go though. It wasn't ridiculously cold, though we did go as the sun was slowly disappearing as dinner time approached.

It was pretty crazy to walk onto the ice because I spent so much time here over the summer when you could go swimming! It was weird to be so far out from the boardwalk.

Science North is in the distance here.

I also didn't expect to see so many Ice Fishing huts on the lake. This one was the closest to the skating path.

This is the marina covered in snow and ice. I wanted to take my skates off and go walking through all the snow on the lake but some areas were blocked off and I didn't want to take any chances.

It was so much fun going skating on the lake. I really hope we can squeeze in at least one more visit before they close it due to thawing. But with t…

My Life in Photos

February is a short month to begin with, but with prepping for my first comic convention of the year, the month went by so quickly! I won't lie, February was a fun month but I'm looking forward to Spring. I'm hoping we see some semi-nicer days this month. So far, it's been freezing again but Mother Nature has 19 days to get her stuff together for Spring!

Through IGGPPC, we organized a Valentine swap last month and it was so much fun getting them in the mail! They brightened my day!

And after falling in love with all the Valentine products at Target, I picked up some discounted treats after Valentine's Day! The Vanilla Cupcake popcorn was so good!

I had a few more photos on my camera from our road trip to Hamilton a couple weeks ago. I love driving back home and seeing the Canadian Shield and hilly landscape. It makes for a beautiful view.

Snow has definitely piled up here... There's a snow bank completely surrounding the Costco/Indigo plaza turning their parkin…