Saturday, 2 November 2013


A while back I bought a bunch of Halloween and Autumn themed sprinkles to use in my baking. So when I decided to bake some mint chocolate chip cookies, I figured I'd add some sprinkles to spruce them up and make them more holiday-appropriate. I'm so in love with the Monster sprinkles! The colours work perfectly together and definitely give the cookies a Halloween-look to them.

Monster Cookies
Monster Cookies
Monster Cookies

Last weekend was my Nan's 70th birthday so we had a big party for her and I made up some double chocolate cupcakes for the party. The chocolate buttercream turned out so perfectly! I have quite a bit of leftovers so I'll be using it in a recipe next week. I had some basic colourful quins in my sprinkle collection that I decided to use and I think they were the perfect choice with the chocolate cupcakes.


It seems crazy that it's November already and my mind is already turning to Christmas baking now... peppermint flavour, shortbread cookies, gingerbread...

I feel very inspired lately with baking. I'm finding amazing recipes everywhere and I have the urge to try them all! Just this week alone, I've received magazines with cupcakes and other goodies in them that I MUST try!

Caramel gingerbread cupcakes and mini mocha cheesecakes... *drool*

The universe is telling me I need to bake. #cupcakes #gingerbread #cheesecake

Have you baked anything super yummy lately?
xo Jen

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