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My Life in Photos

Umm I seriously don't know where November went. It was a great month filled with prepping for Christmas, and other fun adventures.

Let's start the November pictures off with our Jack-O-Lantern from Halloween... He got a little soggy on our balcony and turned into an old man:

Snow showed up:

Target opened and I bought so many Christmas items:

I've been stocking up on gingerbread things (see previous picture too):

I reorganized my craft room and sewed up a bunch of pouches: 

We went to Hamilton for a weekend where we hit up Kool Stuff and went to a wedding: 

The photo booth was so much fun at the wedding: 

I mailed away SO many Etsy orders this past month!! And a few IGGPPC packages:

I bought stamps for the Holiday Card Swap and they're so adorable:

Logan being a handsome boy:

A cleaning session:

Did you enjoy November? It's exciting that tomorrow is December and there's only 25 days until Christmas (ahhhh!). I have baking plans and a date with a Christmas movie …

Winter Love

Growing up, I never would have admitted I liked Winter. Yes, I've always been a huge fan of Christmas, but I would never have said that I liked the snow or cold. As I've gotten older, I've learnt to appreciate and enjoy Winter more. There's nothing more perfect than a night in, wrapped in a blanket on the couch while I read, play video games, or watch a movie with Adam. Add in drinking hot beverages and snuggling with the cats... they're some of my favourite things. And all of these things are just wonderful during the cold Winter months. Seeing snow outside the window during evenings like this make for a really cozy atmosphere.

So I'm saying it now, I like Winter. I don't necessarily love it. Not yet. But I like it. I look forward to walks in the snow, especially along the lakes. We already have a generous coating of snow that's been around for about a week now. So I think liking Winter is best while we live here because I don't think the snow…

Style Inspiration

As I've stated in previous posts, it's COLD here. Really cold. I have been eyeing up chunky knit sweaters and socks all over the Internet and in stores.

I have my heart set on getting one this Friday (it'll be Black Friday, so there's good sales!). I just want to live in leggings, thick knit socks, and large oversized sweaters all Winter!

The following sweaters are from Old Navy and will probably be in my price range when they're on sale:

The next two sweaters are from ModCloth and they are so long and lovely! I don't think I'd take them off. 
Between one of these knit sweaters, hot coffee, and kitty snuggles, I think I will have a really cozy Winter!
xo Jen

What I'm Loving Now

Well we had our first 'snow storm' yesterday. I put it in quotations because we didn't get much accumulation but the roads were hell! There were so many car accidents and it just snowed for like 8 hours straight. Today, the sun is out but the winds are strong and we're sitting at -22 degrees Celsius. To say it's cold in my place is an understatement. You can feel a draft coming from every window. I'm wearing layers and the cats are snuggled in blankets, together, on the couch.

Anyways, onto my current obsessions...


With the weather turning freezing and snowy this week, Pusheen's newest cartoon is one of my favourite things right now!

I finished the second book in the Divergent trilogy earlier this week. I listened to the audio book version of Insurgent and I can't express how perfect Emma Galvin's voice is as 'Tris'. But the book... oh man. I was hooked pretty quickly when I started the second book. The story picks up r…

Weekly Adventures

The last week or so has been an exciting time for IGGPPC.... we made an announcement about looking for a new staff member (which is open for about another 24 hours or so if you're interested in applying), we're working on some future plans and ideas for 2014, Round 9 opened, and I started up a Holiday Card swap in the Symposium.

Round 9 will be our last round of 2013 since December is such a busy month for most people. You can enter our last round here. We also have a pretty cool giveaway happening on the site right now too.

I organized the Holiday Card swap on the site because not only am I a huge fan of Christmas but I want to share some happiness with people all over the world during the season! If you're not an IGGPPC member, I would still love to send you a card this season! Email me at or message me on Twitter or Facebook and we can swap addresses! 
After rounding up all my holiday cards from previous years, I realized I have a large supply.…

Etsy Crush

I am so in LOVE with the I Sew Cute Etsy shop and I just had to share their adorable, glittery jewelry! It was incredibly hard to narrow down which items to include in this post because I love and want them all!

Cosmic Galaxy Ring
Star Ring
Frosty Silver Sparkles Pendant
Sprinkles Star Pendant Necklace
Winter Unicorn Necklace
See?!?! Adorable!!
Check out I Sew Cute on Facebook and twitter! xo Jen

November Wish List

The weather is mostly cold here now. We're lucky if the temperature goes above 5 degrees, which doesn't happen most days. Because of working in a retail environment, I spend a lot of my days in jeans. So when I go out with Adam I have the urge to wear a dress, thick tights, and a heavy cardigan. Date nights make me excited because I get to put together cute outfits and dress up. Even when we're staying in for a movie night, it's fun to wear a super comfy dress and sweater and have a yummy smelling candle lit. If I could, I'd own everything on this wish list because it's all so perfect for this time of year!


What's on your wish list this month? xo Jen

Inspiring Ladies: Claireabellemakes

There are so many talented and inspiring ladies that I have come across online.  I have found these woman either through their blog, Twitter, Instagram or Etsy shop. They are incredibly refreshing and they definitely help me find the motivation to keep sewing, crafting, blogging, chatting online, and just getting dressed some mornings.
I found Claire's site, Claireabellemakes, through a mutual friend/blogger and I've been addicted to her blog ever since. Back in the summer we even did a swap which you can read about here. Claire makes the cutest and sweetest things. Her Etsy shop is filled with adorable jewelry and I'm a huge fan of all the pictures she posts on her Instagram and in her blog posts. Visiting the U.K. is a must in my future but I definitely have to check out Cambridge now because of all the beautiful photos Claire posts.
I asked Claire to list 5 things that she loves and inspire her! 
Bicycles I am totally obsessed with all things bicycle themed. I live in Ca…

Geek Style

I just love all the people and companies I've met and worked with through the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Matt, from Insert Coin Clothing, is one of those people. Insert Coin is an awesome online shop filled with gaming-inspired clothing. We were sent t-shirts from Insert Coin a few months ago to do reviews on them. I absolutely loved mine! You can read about our t-shirts here. And then last month, I received a pair of Pac-Man leggings from Insert Coin. To say I was excited to receive my leggings is an understatement! Not only am I huge fan of leggings, but video game inspired leggings?! I'm in love! I'm going to wear these to every comic convention I attend next year!

I wore these to Hamilton when I went back for Thanksgiving and I received a ton of compliments. On my second wear, I had Adam take some pictures for me. This proved difficult since I have curious cats, it was FREEZING outside and our lighting is bad in our apartment.

So we tried taking photos in o…

What I'm Loving Now

I don't know about you, but November is already flying by. In between work, sewing, IGGPPC, and squeezing in family visits and movie nights with Adam, I've been trying to keep up on TV shows and my book and comic reading. Along with new TV episodes airing, I finally caught up on some Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars

During a few days I had to myself last week while Adam worked, I fit in the first 12 episodes of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. As soon as I watch an episode of this show I'm sucked in. It's so addictive. It didn't take long to watch the episodes. I just need to watch the Halloween episode and then I'm caught up until it starts again in January.

And as usual, I'm loving the clothes in this season. Normally I'm not a huge fan of Spencer's wardrobe but so far I'm loving her clothes the best. 
On top of having a huge clothing wishlist, I'm finding myself falling in love with decorating ideas and new things f…