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Home: Favourite Spots

I've been putting off this post because even though we're almost completely unpacked, there's still a lot of personal touches I want to make in our new place. Pictures need to be hung and decorations placed in their perfect spots. But for now, I thought I'd showcase some of my favourite things and areas in our new home.

The kitties adjusted fairly quickly to the new place. But the 5 hour drive up North was not pleasant. Anyone who has fur babies, you know how heartbreaking it is to hear your pets cry for you. They were both in carriers in the backseat, and though Logan slept most of the way, Seymore was pretty upset with me. I'm so happy that they've found a comfy zone in the second bedroom/craft room. They've claimed the extra bed and started snuggling with the blanket. See, we don't allows the cats in our bedroom. Seymore tore apart my box spring when I first adopted him and when Adam moved in, he brought toads with him that Seymore was way too curious about. We figured this way we could keep our aquarium tank in the bedroom as well to protect our little pets. So the 'guest bed' has become the giant cat bed as well.


My only complaint with the new place would be the lack of natural light. The kitchen is off of the living room and the only sunlight it sees is from the balcony sliding door but it makes for a dim kitchen. Either way, I was very happy to still be able to fit my Nan's hutch in. I've filled it with with all my pyrex, tea pots, cake stands and other glassware.


The living room is easily one of my favourite rooms. We have squished all our bookshelves and DVD stands in. It feels cozy but it's in desperate needs of pictures! We have quite the blank wall above the DVD stands. I love our combined bookshelf that's in plain view in the living room. I've squeezed in all my novels and our shared graphic novels.


The view isn't bad from the couch either. There's a fairly busy street in front of our place but on the side of the street is trees! There's a conservation area near us that leads into a fairytale world (I have proof that I will show in a later post).

My view from the couch in our new place. #nofilter #northernontario

The second bedroom/craft room is jam-packed! We never had a bed in our previous second bedroom/craft room but now that we're 5 hours away from family, we figure we need a place for people to sleep when they come visit. I've filled the closet with all my fabric supplies. It may look messy to you, but you have no idea how organized this closet is!

Craft Closet

My craft room was one of the first rooms that I unpacked and organized because I have so many comic conventions to prep for this summer. This second-hand bookshelf has come in handy for all my odds and ends.

Craft Room

Logan has definitely claimed this room and has taken to sleeping on my sewing table. I have to make sure all my fabric is put away now when I leave the room or he'll end up snuggling with it.


Our bedroom is pretty standard except we have a giant double closet along one wall! I also turned this little corner into my own space, complete with a wall rack for all my scarves and purses! I plan on putting in one more shelf in between those other shelves which is why there's so much space.

Bedroom Space

That's all I have for now in my sneak-peek home tour. Once we get pictures up and things are more organized, I'll share more pictures.

xo Jen


  1. It's great to see you (and the cats) are so settled already. I can totally see the organisation in your craft cupboard- very impressed :) When have you got your first guests coming to visit? xx

    1. My Mom is coming up tomorrow to stay for a couple of days!

  2. I know what you mean about cats, when we took our cats to my moms for our holiday our youngest cried the whole ride there. So heartbreaking!

    Glad the move went okay otherwise. Looks like you have a ton unpacked and set up already! Can't wait to see more.


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