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My Life in Photos

This past month has been a little hectic for me but mainly in good ways. We've been enjoying barbecues, going for walks, and eating cool treats!

There's been Doctor Who watching...

Froyo eating...

Iced coffee drinking...

Lots of packing...

Kitties being cute...

Enjoying the outdoors...

Sunset and fireworks watching...

Cutting my hair...

Mailing off packages for my IGGPPC ladies...

Dress wearing...

Pastry eating...

Went to a wedding...

Just looking back at my photos tires me out... I just want to get the move over with next week so we can settle in and keep enjoying the Spring and Summer and we can get rid of the boxes!

xo Jen

Current Obsessions

Thanks to a friend, I cannot stop watching Suburgatory. I'm almost done Season two and I've had possession of it for less than a week. I'm excited that it was renewed for a third season and I'll be all caught up to watch it when it starts!

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I also decided to rewatch Veronica Mars. I only have a few episodes left of Season one. This is the type of show that I can watch over and over again because of the characters. I love seeing how Logan and Veronica are with one another at the beginning of the show and seeing how their chemistry grows and changes.

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I also really liked seeing Leo in the show again. He is so sweet with Veronica <3 It's funny that now he's Schmidt on New Girl since the character is quite different than Deputy Leo.

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Other than that, I've been slowly watching Doctor Who. I'm loving it but I'm al…


Summer is fast approaching and we've already had a few days that have felt like the middle of summer. The sun has been shining a lot lately and the heat is high in the afternoons.

With moving at the beginning of June to a new city, it is going to through my summer off... Initially I will be without friends at our new place but will be making trips back to Hamilton to visit family and friends. So I want to focus on having the best summer and fun adventures in both the new place and when I come back down to visit.

Things I want to consume:

Key Lime Cake
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Secret Starbucks drinks
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Iced Coffee
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Cotton Candy
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Things I want to wear:

Summer Dresses
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Geeky Tank Tops
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I finally did it.... I cut my hair to my shoulders again.

I've been contemplating on cutting it for months now. Actually, years. I've been growing my hair for over 2 years now (I can use my wedding as measurement for this). But lately I've been wanting a change so bad. And as much as I love bangs and considered them again, they're too much work for me. I'm a low maintenance girl and bangs caused me so much stress... yes, stress! The weather plays a huge part on how my hair looks and what the texture is like. And with bangs, I just can't always control them.

Length before:

Length after:

I really like it! The hairdresser straightened it for me which I won't be doing often. So I want to see what it's like with my natural wave. It will definitely be cooler on my neck and shoulders throughout the summer.

So besides the hair cut, life is still the same.... work and packing like a fool for the move!

xo Jen

Weekly Adventures

The last week has been a hectic one. I started packing up the apartment last week and since Adam came home last Thursday night, we've made a decent dent in our packing. I guess the fact that I worked all day Saturday and Sunday helped keep Adam productive since I wasn't around to bug him.

We were able to spend all day Friday together. Between packing, making ribs for dinner, and dealing with all the utility companies, we squeezed in a movie date to see Iron Man 3.

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It was really good! I thought the storyline and characters were great! And it was funny... like a lot of laugh out loud moments! I enjoy Tony Stark's humour.

Round 4 registration for International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club opened up last week too! There's still some openings left so if you're interested in signing up to get paired with a pen pal click here.

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After working 17 hours over the last two da…

What I'm Loving Now

Life has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks and Adam has barely been home. It's been... weird. I've been making extra effort to be super productive and also take in everything around me. I'm trying to look on the bright side of things and just finding happiness everywhere I can.

Some things I've been loving...

Everything on the Kate Spade website... I really want one of her purses.
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All the graphic tank tops at Hot Topic.
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Bangs... I can't officially decide what to do with my hair though...
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This recipe <3
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Daily Inspiration
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xo Jen

DIY: Vintage Flower Beads

A while back I received some amazing vintage flower beads from No Snow Supplies. I knew that I wanted to make some magnets out of them so they could be on display all the time. They are way too pretty to be hidden inside my jewellery box. But I had to get my hands on a glue gun (yes, I'm a crafter that doesn't own a glue gun. I plan on changing that sooner than later).

Anyways, after borrowing a friend's glue gun I pulled out some crafts supplies... magnets and pin backs.

It didn't take very long to glue everything together. I think the longest part was figuring out which beads and colours I wanted to put together. I ended up making 4 magnets and 2 pins.

Finished magnets:

Back of pins: 

While I had the glue gun out I decided to stick a couple of magnets on the back of LSP that I received recently in the post. Now she gets to hang out on my fridge too!

I still have a lot of flower beads left. I think I might make some magnet sets to put with future gifts.

Check out No…

Style Inspiration

I just finished re-watching Season One of Suburgatory. My friend lent me the season which worked out perfectly because Adam has been up North working so I've had the TV all to myself.

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And just like the first time I watched Suburgatory, I loved Tessa Altman instantly..... her hair, clothes, attitude, and just overall character. Every time I see the show I want to cut my hair like Tessa's and embrace my wavy hair. I also adore her wardrobe in the show. Her style is a mix of tomboy and preppy. She wears a lot of dresses and skirts. But they're usually paired with a military-style jacket and biker boots. I love it!

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After seeing Jane Levy (Tessa) in Evil Dead, I thought I'd have a hard time watching her in Suburgatory again. But …