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Mail Day

I have been receiving the best things in the mail lately! Every time I receive a post office slip for me to go pick up a package I pretty much skip across the street (yes, my post office is that close) to get my surprise.

I received an amazing package from Darling Stewie with the cutest TMNT stationary and some sweet stickers... I cannot get over how cute her designs are. 

And then completely out of the blue I received an Easter package filled with candy and chocolate from Kristy! I was in shock and also drooling while I opened it up. She seriously spoiled me! I would have felt extremely guilty opening this since I hadn't sent her a package recently... but I have a bunch of stuff purchased and set aside for her. I just don't feel it's finished though.

And then Arielle (@ToastyTreat) sent me this awesome perler bead Lumpy Space Princess and a letter that written as if LSP wrote it... I laughed out loud while reading the entire letter. This was such a lovely package!


What I'm Loving Now

It's been a super productive day for me. The IGGPPC staff had our first live Google Hangout. I went on a 2 hour hike and I'm already feeling sore from it but it's a good hurt. And I have been staring at spreadsheets for hours working on IGGPPC things. It's nice having a little Internet break...

We are watching Mad Men Season 2 currently and once again, I'm infatuated with Joan and her beauty. 

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

I'm obsessed with all the Spring dresses on Modcloth... I want all the dresses!!

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

I completely fell in love with Lara and her DIY on IGGPPC!

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

This <3

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

I'm excited to wrap up some things online so I can go lay down with the kitties and read a bit before bed.

xo Jen


My next show is Art-O-Con on May 5th and I'm really excited for it!

I have been sewing like crazy and have made some really awesome bags and pouches for the show!

I love the lining that I used in a couple of them! Girly-geek!

I also received some amazing fabric that I was waiting on... I'll definitely whip up at least a couple of pouches from it for Art-O-Con. I plan on making some bags out of it too for the upcoming conventions.

Me and Mary also made up a couple more headbands that I'll have with me.

If you're in the area, come check out the show. This video will tell you all about what you can expect at the show ^_^

xo Jen


Life has been a whirlwind lately. Every day is jam packed with a never ending to-do list. Yes, I'm still making time for me, like my Awkward marathons. But in between episodes or sometimes during I'm still messaging the ladies at the IGGPPC headquarters and discussing future plans. I feel like I don't shut myself off ever anymore. Even my sleeping habits have changed. Normally, I drag myself out of bed and sleep in later than I want. Not that the dragging myself out of bed aspect has changed, but usually when my alarm goes off, the to-do list starts scrolling through my head and I actually get out of bed instead of sleeping for another hour. I'm excited to sign on to the computer in the morning and start working.

I guess this is what it's like to find something you're passionate about?

I just finally feel like things are going the way I want them to. I'm moving forward in life personally and professionally.

I saw this on Pinterest recently and it made me la…

Current Obsessions

Have you watched Awkward? If so, Team Matty or Team Jake? haha. Seriously, I haven't been this addicted to a television show in a long time. After a couple of my friends were talking about the show I thought I'd give it a try. Ummm... yeah, I watched all of season one last Sunday and then all of season two on Wednesday. I had a problem. It was just such a good and easy show to watch. The characters were fun and interesting. I liked the storyline and the inner monologue of Jenna.

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

The third season started this week so I'm excited to start that!

I finished Doctor Who series 1 so I get to start series 2 as soon as I have some free time! I'm also close to finishing up season 6 of Supernatural. This season got so good towards the end. I'm itching to watch the finale! And Castiel threw me off this season...

The trailer for Catching Fire was released last week and it makes me all tingly! Actually, watching the traile…

Cotton Candy Love

I don't know if it's because the sun has been out this week or what... but I'm itching for summer bad! I've been wearing socks as little as possible and pants have become optional in my home (because I'm wearing shorts).

Working retail has only fired up my want for warm weather. I cash out customers buying hot dogs, buns, ice cream, and pop. They are clearly having a barbecue and I want one of my own! At work, there's 2 aisles filled with summer-type candy and accessories... sun umbrellas, citronella candles, marshmallows, gummi shark candy, and cotton candy!

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

After browsing through Pinterest over the last week or so, it's clear I'm not the only person with summer on the brain. I may have to stock up on cotton candy to make some of these amazing treats!

Wine + Cotton Candy... yes please!
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

Lemonade + Cotton Candy... sounds like the per…

Treasury: Doctor Love

I spent a good chunk of my Sunday watching Awkward (I'm addicted!) and mindlessly looking around on Etsy. I found myself searching for Doctor Who accessories and prints so I thought I'd share my finds.
'Doctor Love <3' by sparklegirl

Old School style Doctor Who ...
chgallery $17
Pixel People in Love - the T...
weelittlestitc... $4������������������…

Weekly Adventures

What an awesomely (I don't believe that's a word but spell check doesn't highlight it either...) busy week! Other than the day job, I've been busy working on IGGPPC things. Our First House Competition was announced and it's been so much fun! We're still figuring out the rules as we go but being that it's our first competition, the future ones will only be better once we work all the kinks out.

The third round for registering for a pen pal opens up April 15th! I'm super excited to start matching up pen pals! How cute is the design?

Source: Uploaded by user via Leslie on Pinterest

I also went to see The Host earlier this week. It was ok. I never read the book so I had no expectations going into it. The first part of the movie seemed super cheesy but as the movie went on, I got into the storyline and started liking the characters. I was happy to see Jake Abel was in the movie. He wasn't in Supernatural much but I have a soft spot for any Winchester boy.…

Style Inspiration

Doctor Who has a new fan... me! I'm completely in love with Rose and the Doctor so far and I haven't even started Season 2 yet! And Rose... Billie Piper... is just so darn cute and sweet <3 So of course I'm now noticing all the Doctor Who inspired clothes and accessories online which is kind of bad... it's just another thing to tempt me financially!

I love these outfits!
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest
Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest

I will have a Doctor Who t-shirt sooner than later!

xo Jen