Monday, 14 January 2013


I never really heard much about HBO Girls when it aired. I saw a few article headings about it and the odd comment online, but I didn't pay much attention to it. The only reason I watched the entire first season about a month ago was because a friend recommended it to me a couple of times. And typically we have similar taste in TV shows.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

My initial feeling of the show was that it was very raw and real and I think I was thrown off a bit by this. I didn't finish an episode feeling especially happy. I continued to watch the season and about half way through, I was completely hooked and felt connected to all the characters. I think because of how 'real' and not glossed over this show is, I felt myself connecting to the characters because I had been in some of the same situations as them, or felt similar things that they were feeling. I had insecurities and feelings (past and present) come out while watching certain episodes.

This is why Lena Dunham has become one of my favourite females. Her writing is incredibly realistic of females in their 20s... maybe not all females, but I sure did feel like she knew me in my early 20s (and hell, even sometimes now in my late 20s). Deep down I knew I wasn't the only 20-something female who still didn't have it together and this show really lets all of us know that we're not alone when trying to figure out life. It's been compared to Sex and the City which I don't entirely agree with. Yes, it's about 4 female friends trying to figure out life and love and jobs. But it's still different. Lena is writing for a different generation and I feel like her writing is more honest and realistic. These girls are struggling to pay rent and are not walking around in designer clothing. I recently watched Tiny Furniture which is a movie Lena wrote and directed. It had a similar feel and idea of Girls. I once again connected with Lena Dunham's character when it came to her career and job aspirations and her mishaps with the men (boys?) in her life.

At 26 years old,  Lena has accomplished and achieved so much and I find this incredibly motivating and inspiring.

I look forward to see what other work she writes and directs. I'm also excited to start Season 2 of Girls and see how the characters develop and where the show goes.   

Have you watched Girls?

xo Jen


  1. I love Girls and just waiting for the next season to start! I think it's very clever, funny, and yes, there are some things that remind me of me in my 20s, haha!

    I think the best thing is the way that Lena has made her own character so flawed and and funny: likeable but not always! I like having a main character who is just as flawed as I am :)

    Also it is weird seeing her in the photos you found, i.e. with make-up on. It makes me realise that one of the striking things about the way she looks on the show is that she often doesn't wear make-up - like a lot of women, but something we never, ever see on TV!

    1. You're right, 'flawed' is the word I was looking for while writing this. Because she's so flawed, she seems more human and realistic and so much more relatable.

      And yes, it's weird seeing her with all that makeup on.

  2. Yes!!! I love the writing in the show, and that there are so many things said and done from all the characters that I can completely totally relate too.

    1. Yay! Another fan! It seems people either really love or hate this show.

  3. I'm not a fan of Sex and the City so I am glad that it is different from that. I have been wanting to watch it though.


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