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Style Inspiration

It's no secret that one of my favourite actresses is Zooey Deschanel. I have loved her movies and music for years now. I've also been a huge fan of her style. The dresses she wears, her long hair with thick bangs, and her adorable dark plastic glasses are all something I absolutely adore.

When I first heard about the new televsion show she was staring in, New Girl, I had no idea if it would last and if I'd like it because a primetime television show was pretty different from all the small and independent movies Zooey would normally act in. But I really loved the first season of the show. And if the first two episodes of season 2 are any indication of what this new season will be like, I think it'll be another funny season. The character that Zooey plays, Jess Day, is an awkward, nerdy girl who doesn't seem to know what she wants in life. There are so many traits that Jess Day has that I can completely relate to. So when you mix my love for Zooey and the character …

My Crafty Life

Tomorrow is the Waterdown Artisan and Craft Show. I'm excited for this Fall craft show. I like indoor craft shows where I can meet other craft vendors and talk to a different crowd of customers. It's always really interesting and the atmosphere is usually pretty casual and fun.

I made up some new pouches and kitty kickers for this show since my inventory was getting pretty low. I went through one of my many scrap bins to find fabric to use. I had fun pulling out some fabric that I haven't used in years.

I made up a few Halloween pouches.

Next on my to-do list is to finish up some new pillowcases for the October Art Crawl. I had requests for certain character fabrics so I want to make sure I have a good selection for that show.

Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Jen

Ancaster Fair

Last Friday evening, me and Adam went to the Ancaster Fair. It's an annual Fall fair and I hadn't been since elementary school. There was a lot to look at; a building filled with exhibitors selling things, a barn filled with local farm animals, a barn with projects done by children, and another building filled with baked food, vegetables, and flowers that were entered into contests.

The farm animals were from surrounding local farms.

This guy posed for me!

I loved his bangs hehe.

Shy donkey.

Crazy hair!

That Funnel Cake trailer behind Adam is where I had dinner ^_^


The Demolition Derby was really fun.

I'm a little iffy about going on rides at fairs and carnivals that just pop up for a weekend. I do like looking at them at night and watching people come off the rides pumped from their adrenaline. But I'd rather stay on the ground.

It was a really fun evening, though it became so cold once the sun went down. It was a great way to start off the Fall season.

xo Je…

Treasury: Fall: The Best Time of the Year

This past Saturday was the first day of Fall. It's my favourite season and I love everything that comes with it: pumpkin-flavoured treats, tights, scarves, Halloween, baking, candy... And lately, it actually feels like Fall. The weather has cooled right down and I've already starting baking with pumpkin.

'Fall: The Best Time of the Year' by sparklegirl
I Love You More Tha...
UUPP $20.00 wool acorns felted ...
SewnNatural $24.00 Big ol' Bow Ear...
YesJess $44.00 Striped Button Earr...
ButtonBeloved $9.00 Fabric Leaves- Burn...
janejoss $21.00 Happy Halloween Bla...
ReLovePlanet $4.50

Baking Inspiration

To be honest, this is my favourite time of the year to bake. From now until January I will have even more of an urge to bake, if you can believe it. The cooler temperatures make it comfortable to have the oven on all afternoon and the cool weather makes me want to nest. And homemade baked goodies is apart of  my nesting. There's also so many holidays and gatherings over these months, that baking seems like a great idea so I can share everything I've made.

By far, pumpkin-flavoured treats are my favourite during this time of the year. Between pumpkin chai tea, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin pie, I'm in heaven. I already have a can of pumpkin in my pantry and I still have lots of pumpkin pie spice leftover from last year, so I am ready to start baking and making my own tasty drinks.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Source: via Jen

My Weekend in Photos

This past weekend was so busy for me. It went by pretty quickly. Friday night and all day Saturday was Supercrawl, which is this awesome art and music festival that goes on in Hamilton. They shut down a street, all the galleries are open, stages are set up throughout the street and there's craft and food vendors everywhere. It's a pretty awesome time. Because I didn't know if we were moving back to Hamilton, I never signed up for this show. But luckily I was able to squeeze in. Only for the Friday evening, though, since I had family plans for Saturday. The weather was perfect since the rain stopped in the late afternoon and I had a great night!

My booth had some of the courtyard's garden in it, so I had my table set up a little awkwardly.

It was absolutely packed for most of the night. And for the second year in a row, Said the Whale played right near us so I was able to dance and sing along from my booth.

Saturday was an incredibly long day. We set up a garage sale wi…