Thursday, 5 April 2012

Etsy Updates

I've been pretty busy with sewing projects lately. I have a table in Artist Alley at Wizard World Toronto April 14-15 this month. Doing two large conventions in back-to-back months is a little crazy. I had a good amount of restock to make to fill what I sold at Toronto ComiCon in March. I'm feeling good about things though. I've been sewing regularly and I should have even more inventory for Wizard than I did at Toronto ComiCon.

I posted a few tote bags on Etsy the other night. I'm so in love with all 3 of them! I have quite a bit of Powerpuff Girls fabric so I'm sure I'll be making myself a tote bag out of it.

I'm actually pretty excited for my time off after Wizard World. I'm going to update my Etsy shop with ALL my inventory. And it's a lot! I have been slacking for months on updating Etsy. But, considering we might be moving in a few months and I have recently been loading myself up with fabric, I think I need to start selling more online. My current shelving unit for my fabric is full and the fabric now sits in piles on top of it and in front of it. This is not right. I need to start using it up.

I have the day off tomorrow since it's Good Friday. I'll be spending the day having another Bones and One Tree Hill marathon while I sew some more. I can't wait!

xo Jen


  1. How can you sew and watch tv shows at the same time? ;)

    1. I have special powers... no, normally I watch a tv show I've already seen before (Scrubs, Gilmore Girls, Batman) while I use the sewing machine so even if I miss dialogue it's ok. While I trim fabric, turn bags right-side out, or iron, I'll watch 'new' shows since there's no noise to distract me.

  2. I like the special powers answer better lol


  3. Hey Sparklegirl,

    I really, really love these bags, and I can't wait to buy one of them soon. I was a huge ppg fanatic when I was a kid. Fond memories.


    1. Thank you! Once I get some money, I plan on buying the PPG boxset. I so badly want to re-watch it!


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