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Photo Challenges

Recently I've been watching a lot of people I follow on twitter post photos for a January Photo-a-day contest. I had to look it up and see who created this fun challenge. Well, I came across Fat Mum Slim's blog and saw that Chantelle started these photo challenges I've been seeing on twitter.
I decided to start the February Photo-a-day challenge since I seem to take photos of the same things over and over again (kitties maybe?). I also want to do the Your Day in Photos challenge.

If you want to try out either of these challenges, these are the guidelines posted on Chantelle's blog:

Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Here's how to play:
1. Use the list above as inspiration and take a photo everyday. For example for number one on the list, 'your view today' you'd take a shot of whatever it is that you can see today. This would be a wider shot of your office space, where you went for a walk, or whatever it is that you can see!

2. Share on Face…

2 Broke Powerpuff Girls

So I'm a big fan of Powerpuff Girls and have been contemplating on buying the 10th anniversary collection. I'm also a fan of the show, 2 Broke Girls. I adore Kat Dennings in it.

Mad did the cutest mash-up of these shows:

Now I really want to buy the Powerpuff Girls boxset...

xo Jen

Showing my Crazy Side Again...

We keep our apartment on the cooler side since we have to pay for heat here. Yes, we're cheap, but we both would rather wear a sweatshirt or throw a blanket over our legs to keep warm than pump up the heat which just dries us out. The kitties have taken to cuddling together more though. I'd like to think it's just because they love each other...

This is just Seymore trying to look like a bunny...

I'm a proud kitty mama.

xo Jen

Crafting Madness

I have been busy sewing lately since there are 3 big comic conventions this year that I'm applying to. There's a possibility of a fourth one as well, but I haven't made my mind up about it yet. I continue to be lucky finding thrifted fabric to use for my projects which makes me a very happy girl. Recently we even found something that I've never seen before.

I have never ever seen this before! I was so excited to find it!

I've been using up a lot of scraps I had lying around since my fabric stash is growing constantly. The totes I've been making have been all different sizes but I think that adds charm to them. The smaller ones are adorable in my opinion!

I'm also extremely happy that I found a hook for the wall that doesn't actually put a hole in the wall. I'm not the greatest photographer but I think the hook and plain wall will make some of my etsy photos much better.

These two hobo bags will be up in my etsy shop this week!

I busied myself one…

Etsy Crush

... and twitter crush as well.... Alisa, from Clone Hardware, is not only a fellow Hamiltonian like myself, but she makes the greatest jewelry and accessories from upcycled computer parts. Plus, reading her tweets about her motherly adventures with her kids makes me excited for the day I have a couple of geeklings myself.

For this past Christmas, I bought one of her circuit board bookmarks to put in Adam's stocking. It was the perfect little gift for my nerdy husband. But there's also a few things I've been eyeing up in her shop for myself as well.

Circuit Board Bookmark
Hairband Upcycled Rainbow Computer Wire
Resistor Post Earrings Purple Tangled Wire Computer Jewelry Parts
Circuit Board Heart Necklace Upcycled Computer Parts Blue Valentines

Go check out her blog, shop, and facebook page and admire Alisa's amazing work!

xo Jen

The Hunger Games

I finally started The Hunger Games book yesturday. I'm almost half way through it already. I didn't know if it'd take a while to get into the story and get involved with the characters but I was addicted from the start. I ended up with sore, strained eyes from reading for 2 hours without my glasses.... oh well, it was worth it!

Because I've seen the trailer for the upcoming movie a few times now, I pictured Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss while I read. I think she did a great job as Mystique in First Class. She played her with vulnerability and I have faith she'll do just as good of a job as Katniss.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Has anyone else read this series? I'm sure I'll be finishing up the first one over the weekend. I feel like I'm going to become obsessed pretty quickly with this series.

xo Jen

Busy as a Bee...

Oh how quickly this week has gone by. It was a busy and stressful week at work, but inventory is finally over! This past week I also applied for a table at Toronto Comicon. I have good faith that this show will be busy and a lot of fun. It's the same company that puts on Fan Expo so I feel like I can't go wrong. Plus, the guest list is looking pretty good too! The only downfall? If I get in, I will have a comic convention in both March and April... eeekk! I have to get my butt in gear! So, even with my daytime job being busy, I've been cutting, ironing, and sewing up totes and pillows all week.

Sorry for the instagram photos but I haven't had a chance to upload any photos from my camera lately.

First set of totes!

Pillows waiting for stuffing... which I need to go buy...

Next batch of totes cut out tonight!

It looks like it'll be another busy year!

xo Jen

Golden Girls

I'm finishing up Season 5 of Golden Girls and I just watched a flashback episode. They played one of my favourite scenes from the series.

Hilarious! And I want Rose's hot pink tights!

I hope everyone is having a good week!
xo Jen


I have been seeing so many great, colourful crafts on Pinterest lately. It's only January but these crafts make me excited for Spring because of all the colour.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I'm excited to work on some Valentine's Day crafts soon!

xo Jen

Etsy Crush

Not too long ago I came across this amazingly talented lady through facebook - Jen Kiddo. I fell in love with her art instantly. It's insanely cute and I adore it!

Cupcake Derby
Ice Cream Tower
Check out her etsy shop, Jen Kiddo Art, and give her facebook page some love!
xo Jen


What have you been reading, watching, and listening to lately? I feel like I need to take a year off just to catch up on books and movies and TV shows that interest me.

I'm itching to dive into The Hunger Games which I finally got for Christmas. But I started on my pile of comics before Christmas and I don't want to move on until I'm finished all of them. I have collected so many free comics from the comic conventions I've attended over the years and they keep piling up. I've always been caught up in books and other graphic novels to read any of the free ones. So far my favourite has been IZombie.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest
I'm almost finished the entire series of Gilmore Girls again... I have a handful of episodes left and I'm already wanting to restart it again. The show puts me in such a good mood. I'm thinking of moving onto Scrubs after though. I need a show I've seen numerous times before so I can craft and only pay half atte…

Holidays in Photos

The holidays were an absolute blur for me. They were great and it was so much fun spending time with family. But I have a hard time believing it`s January 2012 now. So finally on with the holiday photo dump...

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Already tired out...

My adorable niece getting a kiss from Penny.

My new Mod Cloth dress came in time! I`m so in love with it and I can`t wait to wear it again!

New Year`s Eve
Why yes, I do harass my cats...
It was a night of games, movies, and food for me and the hubby!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays!

xo Jen