Thursday, 4 August 2011

Powerpuff Girls and Cupcakes

What a quick week! It's exciting that the weekend is so close. I have so much sewing and crafting planned for my 2 days off.

I actually got a few thrifted sheets this week because I'm lucky enough to have a husband who will hit up thrift stores while I'm at work in search of sheets for me and electronics for him. He picked me up a Powerpuff Girls sheet - it's in perfect condition and the colours are so bright! I love it. I cannot wait to cut it up and make some tote bags and pillows. Back when I was blonde I always loved Bubbles and her cute personality but now being a ginger I have more of an affection for Blossom... there's maybe a slight resemblance? Right??... hehe

Me and Blossom

Me and Blossom

I recently made the most yummy cupcakes. They're definitely one of the best I've made, right up there with the chocolate mint ones I made last winter.

Cherry Almond Cupcake

I found the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Cupcake bookazine that came out this year. The secret is just to add maraschino cherry juice/syrup to the cupcake batter and in the frosting. Inside each cupcake there's also a maraschino cherry baked in.... Yum!

Cherry Almond Cupcake

I had to give away half of these cupcakes so I didn't consume them all myself!

Tonight I'm going to the movies to see Crazy Stupid Love. I'm pretty excited to see this movie. I hope I'm not disappointed!

Have a good day!

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