Monday, 26 September 2016

Toronto Adventures

Last week Adam and I went to Toronto for a couple of days. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and we spent the entire time walking around downtown. 

Our hotel room view. You can see the CN Tower right in the middle.

We hit up as many comic book, tabletop gaming, video games, and toy stores as we could fit in. I also squeezed in a visit to MAC makeup and Forever 21. Checking out these stores led us to purchasing some great things too.

I finally had the chance to check out Silver Snail's new location. I loved their Black Canary Cafe inside.

I also drank quite a bit of bubble tea while we wandered the city. There's a bubble tea place on every single block it seems and I had no self control.

We also played Pokemon Go for a good chunk of time. All the walking helped us hatch some eggs and we finally caught a Doduo there!

I insisted on finding a bakery nearby that sold French Macarons since we don't have any bakeries that sell them in Sudbury.

They even had a pumpkin spice one!

Second Cup doesn't have a stand alone location in Sudbury. It's inside the university here. So I've never tried their pumpkin spice latte. Well I stopped into a Second Cup in Toronto to finally try it and it did not disappoint! It's so creamy and spicy and was definitely better than Starbucks' version in my opinion.

I still feel like my body is recovering from this trip. The walking kicked my butt and I find I never sleep well anymore when I'm not in my own bed. It was a fun mini-vacation though and the perfect way to spend a couple of days at the beginning of the fall season.

xo Jen

Friday, 23 September 2016

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Characters that Define Me

If you're on Twitter or Instagram you've probably seen a popular hashtag floating around to define yourself in three fictional characters. I, of course, jumped on this and gave myself a couple of days to mull over what characters I'm most like. And then after seeing Jordandene turn her character picks into a #5FandomFriday post, I thought, what a fun idea!

My initial 3 picks:

1. Mikey from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
In this series Mikey loves all cute things, especially cats, gets super excited for food, pronounces words wrong, and has a tendency to trip or crash into something when he's supposed to be quiet like a ninja. Sounds like me, right?

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Oh how do I relate with Hermione's need to study, be right, and not get into trouble. That was me growing up, and maybe me now too.

3. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation
Leslie's positive attitude, strong work ethics, loyalty to friends, and love of waffles are pretty much bang on for me.

4. Jess Day from New Girl
Whether Jess is wearing one of her cute dresses, knitting on the couch, baking desserts (and not trusting those who don't like desserts), or being super socially awkward, I feel like I'm seeing me in her character.

5. Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls
I identify with Bubbles when it comes to her positivity, love of all things cute, and her sensitive personality.

What fictional characters would you pick?
xo Jen

5 Fandom Friday Info

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fall Style

When looking at the long-term weather forecast I can see fall is definitely here. The temperatures are steadily dropping which means I get to pull out my leggings, boots, and cardigans!

Right now I'm on the lookout for a few wardrobe pieces to freshen up what I already own for the cooler months ahead.

Clockwise from top right corner:
1. Flurry Moc from Airwalk
I already own a pair of these and they're so comfortable and cute. But they're a few years old and don't look so nice anymore.
2. Long Open-Front Cardigan from Old Navy
I love my cardigans and a couple of mine are starting to show their age - small holes and the fabric is balling. I need a couple of new ones, and I'm so in love with the longer styles.
3. Midnight Leggings from Sweetlegs
Have you heard of Sweetlegs? Their leggings are so amazing! They're soft, super stretchy, long, and very high-waisted. If I could live in them for the rest of my life I'd be very happy.
4. Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy
As I said above, I love a comfy, longer cardigan!
5. Waisted Swing Dress from Old Navy
Old Navy introduced this style of dress, their swing dress, last year and I've been addicted ever since. I own a couple of their swing dresses and I want more! They're perfect to layer with leggings and boots!

What's on your fall wish list?
xo Jen
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