Monday, 15 May 2017

My Life In Photos

The sun is shining, windows are open, Lana Del Rey is playing out of my stereo, iced tea is in hand. I really love this time of year. May has been going by quickly; a little too quickly for my liking. I'm ready to live out in the sunshine and go on adventures.

I found some great book finds at Value Village earlier this month. They were also in perfect condition.

A lovely online friend sent me some extra comics she had. It was a lovely surprise to find these in my mailbox since I forgot about them. I'm so pumped to have new issues to read!

When there's green apple and watermelon frozen yogurt you must add all the popping bobas and nerds!

I had to represent the Rebel Princess on May the 4th!

When I saw My Cat Is People was releasing a limited edition pin for Canada's 150th birthday I knew it was the purrfect time to buy one of their coffee pins!

I made myself an oversized pouch to hold all my planner stickers and washi tape. It's been handy to carry around. 

We have some fun plans for the rest of May and some fun things coming up in June so I'm definitely enjoying life right now!

xo Jen

Friday, 12 May 2017

What I'm Loving Now: Beauty Products

I'm a complete sucker for beauty products. Whether it's pretty eyeshadows, face masks, or a glittery nail polish, I have a hard time turning them down. So when I head to Winners or Marshalls and check out their beauty section I'm in trouble. I've been having great luck finding MAC, Dr. Jart+ face masks, and Philosophy products there recently. This only keeps me coming back to search for more.

These are some of my favourite beauty products I've picked up recently (both from Marshalls and Sephora):

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea

I was on the lookout for a new face moisturizer since the one I was using (from Kiss My Face) was almost gone and it had been discontinued. I wanted something fairly light and natural but still something that would keep me from drying out. I've been using this new moisturizer for a couple of weeks now and so far I love it. It smells absolutely amazing, it doesn't leave a heavy or greasy feeling, and I've had no breakouts from it.

The Creme Shop Charcoal Face Mask

I picked up a pack of these at Marshalls since charcoal face masks are all the rage right now. Plus, I had tried a charcoal mask from Dr. Jart+ last year and I liked it. Well, the ones from The Creme Shop work magic on me! I've only used a couple but I've noticed a clearer and brighter face after using it.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This product has been around for a long time now and I've always heard good things about it. But since high school I've been using MAC paint to prime my eyes because I learned the hard way about eyeshadow creasing when I first started playing around with makeup. I don't know if MAC has changed the consistency of their paint or what, but I find the paint messy and too much product always comes out of the tube. So I thought I'd give the Urban Decay primer a go. It's definitely passed the test. It works; no eyeshadow creasing for me! And it's super easy to apply and I can control how much product to use.

The next beauty products I'm on the hunt for are a good tinted moisturizer for the summer and some face wipes that I can bring on the go with me. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

xo Jen

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Favourite TV Shows

The 2016/2017 season for TV is over for most shows or they're wrapping up this month or next. Overall I enjoyed pretty much all the shows we stuck with. To be honest though, we didn't add many new shows to our list this year. Either they got cancelled quickly or we gave up on them.

My favourite show for this past season are:

1. Superstore

If you're not watching Superstore, you're definitely missing out. It's a fun comedy that just finished it's second season. I really enjoy the characters and the humour in the show. And if you've worked a retail job at some point in your life, this show will connect with you on an even more real level which is probably why I enjoy it so much. The second season finale was a great episode. It left so many things open and it should bring a lot of changes to season three.

2. Riverdale

Like most people who watch Riverdale, almost every episode has left me with a million new questions I need answered from the show. The drama, setting, characters, and story line are addictive. The season finale airs tomorrow night so I'm sure it'll leaving us all wanting more and in desperate need for season 2!

3. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project has always been a favourite show of mine. I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling's writing and the character she portrays in the show. The last couple of seasons have been good but nothing that I was addicted to. However this past season has me laughing out loud and wanting to know what was happening in Mindy's life. Knowing that the next season is the final season actually has me excited. I can't wait to see how they wrap things up, how Mindy will evolve and who will live happily ever after together.

4. iZombie

I know iZombie is still airing and only mid-way through their season, but as usual, this season is killing it. The story has really developed this year and brought more intrigue into the zombie story line. The characters are also doing an amazing job at pulling at my heart strings. There's been so much emotion happening already. I'm pretty excited to see how this season continues to develop.

What TV shows have you enjoyed this past TV season?

xo Jen
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