Saturday, 14 July 2018


Yesterday was my birthday. How old? I'll never tell...

It's weird that I hit my birthday slump this year. The last few years my birthdays haven't been anything crazy but I always looked forward to the day and whatever plans I had with Adam. Last year my birthday was extra special because we had just found I was pregnant with Emma. This year, even though we now have Emma, I just didn't care about my birthday.

Maybe next year it'll be different again. Emma will be older and will understand the celebration part a bit more... she'll be able to eat cake and be more active if we have another beach celebration.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way about their birthday. I know a few people who'd rather not make a big deal about it. It just feels weird to be apart of that club now.

We ended up having a beach day a day before my birthday due to Adam's work schedule. Well, a beach afternoon anyways. We bought a shade tent on clearance a couple of summers ago and I'm so happy we did. It works well and allows us to hide in shade in between dips in the lake to protect Emma's skin. We dipped her legs in the lake water while we were there and surprisingly she didn't hate it. The water was still quite cold but she just kicked her legs, which is how she typically responds to water.

Because the afternoon went so well and Emma was content splashing in the water and then lounging in the shaded tent, I'm hoping to do a few more beach days this summer. I forgot how much I love being there. The feeling that comes over me swimming in the lake, drying off on the sandy beach and hearing kids play and the food building's oldies music; it brings me back to childhood and a calm washes over me. It's basically an anti-depressant for me. It warms my soul.

My actual birthday was spent inside relaxing. It was a damp and rainy day so it worked out. I cuddled with Emma, did some reading, and started on the second season of Glow. Overall it was a great couple of days with my family.

And since it is still my birthday weekend and I have errands to run today, I might treat myself to an iced coffee to get me through this hot day.

xo Jen

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Makers North: The Spring Show

One of the things I love about being off work? I can attend all those weekend events that happen around the city. Working retail typically means you work all weekend, every weekend. There's always local craft shows I want to check out but I'm at work.

Not anymore!

A couple of Saturdays ago I did errands in the city with Emma. We made our way downtown and hit up the Makers North: The Spring Show late in the afternoon. Going to the event with a stroller made me realize I'd probably be a pain in the butt taking over a lot of space. So I figured going later in the day made the most sense since craft shows die off towards the end. There'd be more space for me!

I wanted to buy from pretty much every vendor. I think if it was closer to Christmas and I had gifts to buy for, I would have walked out with a lot more than I did. There were amazing smelling soy candles, personalized wine glasses and wool socks, adorable prints for the wall, handmade jewelry, and baby clothes.

The items I bought were ones I was eyeing up prior to the event. Things that I spotted on Instagram and Facebook.

The first was a pillow from Penny Goods. I had been eyeing up the dinosaur pillow before the event but after seeing pictures of their set up from the start of The Spring Show, I'm kicking myself I didn't go earlier. I clearly needed to buy Emma the big orange cat pillow. But luckily, I can just watch for them to do another local craft show and buy her another pillow!

I also bought a couple of hair bows from Alfie + Iris. I completely fell in love with them when I found their Instagram. Their bows are so pretty. And the material... ugh! As a fellow fabric addict, I want all the hair bows because of the fabric! They use gorgeous vintage-looking fabrics. I'm a little mad I didn't pick up their new Malibu Barbie-looking print bow. But again, maybe at their next show.

And because I was hungry and they actually had product left, I went home with 2 donuts from Beards Bakery! We try to visit their bakery regularly to try new things and they were set up at the show across from a friend's booth, so it was fate!

Whether I apply for future Makers North shows this year or not, I'll definitely attend them to do some shopping and to check out the local vendors. The feeling at these shows is so energetic and they inspire the crap out of me. I leave them with creativity bursting from me. It helps keep me in check when preparing for my own craft shows that I'm vending at.

Speaking of which, I'm off to cut out some new projects for my next show!

xo Jen

Monday, 4 June 2018

Hello June

It's hard to believe it's June already. I'm not too sure where the time has gone, but here we are.


May was a great month. We went to Hamilton for the first time since Emma was born. It was a successful visit and the 5 hour drive there and back went well. Emma slept for most of the drive and we had interesting adventures at rest stops changing diapers and feeding her. We also had my mom up for a longer than normal visit which was nice. There was no rushing. Just hanging out and enjoying ourselves.

We played many games of Catan in May.

Matcha Lemonade season!
Lunch at Twiggs.

The summer heat showed up this month. My walks around the neighbourhood with Emma were now sunny and hot walks. I officially have tank top tan lines. We also went to Bell Park a couple of times. The most recent time was somewhat of a picnic with friends. Too bad their were a gazillion (I'm not kidding) tent caterpillars at the park trying to join us. It was a little annoying.

We ended May with Paramedic Week here in the city. We attended the proclamation last Monday to start off Paramedic week so of course I took a ton of photos of Emma and Adam with the ambulance since this was the first time Emma was at Daddy's work.

Sitting in an ambulance.



June only just started but so far it's been a rainy month. I'd really like for the sun to come back now! We have a lot of fun plans for this month. Graphic-con is this Saturday, which is my first craft show of the year. I've been able to sew a bit with Emma around so I have faith that I'll be able to get back into sewing more and more as she gets older. There's two weekends that family is coming to visit us, Father's Day, our wedding anniversary, and the month ends with a friend's wedding. So it looks like it'll be another busy month.

Can you believe this cutie is 3 months old?!

I'm pumped for the summer with Emma. I have so many things I want to do with her. If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize in advance for all the adorable baby pics! I've been trying to keep them separate in a private account on Instagram. But they keep leaking back into my main account. Whoops!

xo Jen
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